Philadelphia Eagles|. GOLDEN TATE …. he’s Mad Mad, Thoughts on Kareem Hunt to Cleveland.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles|. GOLDEN TATE …. he’s Mad Mad, Thoughts on Kareem Hunt to Cleveland.

Philadelphia Eagles
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  1. Interesting. I always felt he wanted out of Philly asap

  2. We up early big bro, only winners be up at this time

  3. I think Tate, Jernigan, Peters, and Darby should all be gone

    • I think you gotta bring back Peters he was solid down the stretch

    • Idk man, he’s old and is a huge cap hit. We’ll see tho

    • Nahhhh,,,keep Darby!

  4. Chad bednarik our greatest LB of all time played in the 60s don’t forget about him, then there was Steve can beuran an RB way back at the beginning of the franchise. These guys gotta be included in the top 10 eagles haha

  5. Kareem Hunt is from Cleveland so i guess it was a no brainer for them and their GM Dorsey has ties with KC no body else wanted to bite the bullet

  6. It’s possible Hunt is suspended up to 6 games and IMO he should be .Then he should get his 2nd chance .

  7. Back at you with the Back at you with the mourning video. Good stuff. You did say Deuce twice so we need 1 more player for your Top 10. I’m still surprise the Browns made the move. It’s a cheap move tho. Nick Chubb looked good when he started after Carlos Hyde was traded. Duke Johnson still there as the 3rd down back so idk.

    • Ok

  8. See it’s hard I always forget somebody

  9. Morning

  10. 4:44 Golden Tate said it took him some time to learn the system and then the eagles switched QBs and then he had to start all over. That’s why he didn’t look all that stellar.

    • Guy is just trash

  11. 6:22 they won’t turn a blind eye to Kapernick. They make it seem like he’s poison or something.

  12. Good morning, by the way.

    • Top of the morning !

  13. Still a top 10 wr?

    • +Lord Brunson all good bro what you think about eagles signing Cole beasly?

    • Vladimir Putin I think that would be a great move


  15. LB up early on my way to go speak to a school about substance abuse… love ya motivation and outlook on life… other than that, I was wondering what your thoughts on the AAF is?

    • That’s what’s up bro. Send a small clip so I can feature it mike! I’m still looking into the AAF. Not to impressed could be some talent there however

    • Lord Brunson not allowed to film it due to student confidentiality unfortunately… don’t really do it for the recognition but to help our future

  16. Yo LB what’s good one of my favorites was Jerome Brown

    • Me too

  17. Kaep did nothing wrong? He caused many people to stop watching the sport with his disrespect than sued the league. The NFL is a business. You don’t get to fuck up relations with your clients than sue your boss and expect to come back to work the next day.

  18. You gotta find room for Keith Byars, Jerome Brown and the Ax Man.

    • So hard smh

  19. What about T.O.?

  20. T.O. almost single handedly won the Super Bowl for the Eagles by himself.

    • Yea but he didn’t

    • +Lord Brunson Yeah, but with McNabb and TO that was probably the best Eagles team I’ve ever had

    • +gd gd that was one of my fave Eagles teams too,,,soooo sentimental about that 2004/2005 team !!!

  21. Damn, LB on that grind

  22. What would you think about Nick Chubb coming to Philly

  23. Tommy MacDonald, OG HOF #25

  24. Yeah i have a question, what was your favorite eagles super bowl?

    • rude3603 21-24

    • rude3603 or 10-27!

    • +ThatOneGuy 123 you really are pathetic as shit you everywhere hating on the eagles the eagles stay on your mind it pretty much shows your worried about them I know since the Giants are ass you don’t have nothing to look forward to so you spend all your time hating on the eagles.

    • What was your favorite MANNING pick 6?

    • Semion Johnson lmao


  26. Howie c’mon sign him back, he wants to come back, if you dont sign him make a play for Desean Jackson

  27. Nick Foles to the Bengals. I said it first i said it here. Also, another example of second chances was to one Mike Vick. Again, loaded talent and potential was why he was given another chance.

  28. Nuff said buddy. I wouldn’t even be mad if we got rid of Nelson and golden for some brand new faster receivers…

  29. Eagles top 10 players ever
    10. Harold Carmichael
    9. Steve van buren
    8. Jerome brown
    7. Duce staley
    6. Donovan mcnabb
    5. Jason peters
    4. Tommy mcdonald
    3. Brian dawkins
    2. Chuck bednarik
    1. Reggie white

  30. You can say Brian Dawkins twice he’s on mine twice as Brian Dawkins/weapon X.

  31. Brent celek?!? Jeremiah trotter? Javon kearse? Jason peters?…too many brun

    • Damn way to many lol

    • +Lord Brunson asante samuels??? Lol

  32. 1. Brain Dawkins 2. Lito Sheppard 3.Donovan McNabb 4.Fletcher Cox 5. Jeremiah Trotter 6. Brain Westbrook 7.Carson Wentz 8.Malcolm Jenkins 9. Jason Peters10. David Akers

    • I like seeing Akers on this list~!! Kickers make or break games quite often,,but don’t often get recognition…..and Akers was money in the bank,,a sure bet,,consistent!! He could always be counted on to get the job done~!!

    • I would take out Shepard and replace him with asante samuel

    • +Jeremiah Moore I agree~!!

    • +Vivienne Clark. David Akers & Adam Vinatieri are the two best kickers of all times along with Morten Anderson.

    • +Henry Rodena. I had a hard time deciding between Asaunte Samuel’s & Lito Sheppard. But I choose Lito Sheppard cause he contributed more to the Eagles than Asaunte Samuel’s. When I think Asaunte I think of the Patriots. When I think of Lito I think of Eagles. IJS

  33. No TO

    • Nope

  34. We need to keep Tate. He can ball.

    • He sorry can’t catch worth damn

    • Or we can get mccoy back,he bout to be a free agent

    • I totally agree with an off-season and all that he’s at least better than aghlor

    • We need the experience he has…hes a veterans.. he can bring alot to the table

  35. Cute girl bro… But from a Cowboys perspective, I tell ya the most feard person from the Eagles. It’s not a player. Its Jim Johnson Def. Coach. RIP…

  36. Why is Tank and Floyd ducking Lomachenko?

    • Loma a beast

    • +Lord Brunson so is Tank, let’s see who’s better.

  37. Brian dawkins Terrell Owens brian Westbrook Jeremiah trotter lesean mccoy John running Michael Lewis jevon kerse

  38. BREAKING NEWS: Tom Brady indicted for aiding and abetting famed Cartel drug pin Pablo Escobar.

  39. Great video Brunson. Agree with everything. For our running back situation, I like the idea of moving forward with what we have, especially since this draft is pretty much all rotational running backs. We should bring back Blount in free agency. Along with clement Adams and Smallwood we will have a good rotation

  40. In my opinion we need to focus on defense.

  41. We need to find us a Prime Time.

  42. You know, I’m pretty surprised about some of the superstars that are missing from a lot of y’alls lists. ie: Bednarik was the best Center and the best MLB in the league AT THE SAME TIME! Just crazy if you think about it.

    Some other stars that seem oddly missing: Ricky Watters and Terrell Owens both played three years for the Eagles and were both at the top in the league at their respective positions while in Philadelphia .

    Everybody mentions (and rightly so), Reggie White and Jerome Brown… But what about Bill Bergey? The man was an all-time Beast!

    I will add my top 10 list a little bit later on… I was just pointing out some players that I felt that at the very least should be part of the conversation.

  43. what about fletcher cox

    • Only if he could play DB.

  44. and about golden tate his needs to fucking wait the season just ended like 2 weeks ago smh …

  45. This turned into a Everest commercial at the end.

  46. Of all the players in our history I wouldn’t put McNabb as one of my favs. I see him as a one of our greatest chokers ever. And his pride when Owens arrived cost us disruption in locker room. We should of had at least 2 rings under his leadership. But he was a playoff choke king. Good numbers and some good highlights but never when we needed it.
    Fly Eagles Fly !!!!

  47. Personally I think they should let aghlor go and use some of that money on Tate aghlor is due like 9 million this year which is too much

  48. Asante Samuel

  49. Duce and Westbrook over Shady?!?! Corey Simon over Fletcher and Jerome Brown?!?! Come on Brunson.

  50. Take the 9 mill that supposed to go to Nelson and give it to Tate and put em in the slot…he has the best YAC.
    Shady was about to be an Eagle last year..if that piece of….still has a job..Hunt deserves a second chance

  51. Jerome Brown!

  52. Before anything happens w/ Tate, they’re probably figuring out what to do about Agholor, dude’s contract is up at $9.3. Depending on how much he’d restructure for I’d trade him. He’s already had 4 years to develop as a round 1 pick and he’s not even a top 30 WR

  53. NFL is a billion dollar INDUSTRY!

  54. Little off topic, but did you hear Bryce Harper said he would sign with the Phillies if they promise to move the team, or get rid of the majority of there fans?

  55. Do yall support Dr. Umar Johnson out there ?

  56. Okay, idk if I’m the only one but I’m happy that Kareem got a second chance

  57. Bruh, you gotta have Harold Carmichael

  58. Dallas > Philly

  59. Keep grinding man, summertime is almost here.

  60. Gage Jernigan eagles has a lot of problems they need to fix , we so unorganized with our money , got to make the tough decision now, got to trade agholor or released him and try to sign golden tate, jason kalce is leaving and Peters, just like eagles release Brent Celek, eagles got to start gettjng stuff done for whats best for the team. Draft a corner and receiver , and line backer and center and gaurd . We got stop being lazy.

  61. William Thomas is not in your top 10?..i would not sign me crazy..ill resign NELLY and start throwing deep at lest 3 times a game to him..

  62. My top 10: 1.Randall 2.Reggie White 3.jerome Brown 4.Dawkins 5.westbrook 6.T.O 7.jason Peters 8.Lane Johnson 9 Fletcher Cox 10.Brent Celek

  63. Corey simon!?!?! Lol that’s disrespectful to jevon kearse and even fletcher cox

  64. Fuck Donovan!!!! I can’t believe you didn’t say Michael Vick. Stop it with the Colin bullshit nobody cares!

  65. Terrell Owens
    Donavon Mcnabb
    Brian Dawkins
    Carson Wentz
    Lesean McCoy
    Desean Jackson
    Brian Westbrook
    Nick Foles
    Fletcher Cox
    Jerimiah Trotter
    (in No Order)

  66. He leads the league in yac yards a few yrs! Tate had some great catches for us this year he had a couple amazing catches in the Bears game or earlier than the touchdown, him and Carson had an amazing game together against the Redskins and he made big catches in a lot of other games I just don’t think the Eagles quite knew exactly how to use him to get the most out of them but I would love to keep him because look at our receiving group they all are great except for yards after the catch they all are tackled too easily so I can Golden Tate should definitely stay

  67. Ray Rice Straight leveled his own wife, that’s the domestic violence. Kareem hunt pushed a girl and lightly kicked her, didn’t even know the chick. It’s two totally different situations and Colin Kaepernick is a piece of shit and let his girlfriend squander his only opportunity last year.

  68. I don’t know I might want Freddy Barnett on my top 10, freddy had hands in the clutch. But Deuce, Randall, DONNIE, BDAWK, AND REGGIE are like locks on the list 5ever. Westbrook is hard to leave off too. After that whew it’s a numbers game and since Andy hit the Vet cats have put up numbers like crazy. So if you got the locks on there everyone else is preference and ANYBODY who played a big part of the SB LII run can be on there simply because they got it done. Nick, Fletch, Malcolm, Brandon, Chris, Even DB. Cause it was a magical ass year.

    While everybody talking about the draft I waiting to see what “chip on the shoulder” guys Howie finds this year. Dudes who either DON’T get drafted or get cut and got something to prove: Clement,Adam’s, Leblanc he always finds those steals man.

  69. How Brian Dawkins in yo bottom 2 bro??? No Fletcher Cox or DJax???

    • My list was in no order

  70. This is a arcticle written on NBC by Rueben Frank. It shows the 10 myths about Carson Vs NICK

    -offense just functioned much better with Nick at quarterback.”

    The Reality: Actually, the defense did. The Eagles averaged 22.9 points per game this year with Wentz at quarterback and 22.1 points per game with Foles at QB. The defense was another story. During the 11 games Wentz played, the defense allowed 23.3 points per game. During the seven games Foles started, the defense allowed 18.1 points per game.

    Myth No. 2: “Nick got the ball to the wide receivers. Carson just dumped it off.”

    The Reality: Wentz actually completed a slightly higher percentage of his passes this past year to wide receivers — 45.7 percent for Wentz and 45.4 percent for Foles. Essentially the same.

    Myth No. 3: “Nick got the ball down the field way better than Carson!”

    The Reality: Carson averaged more than half a yard per attempt more this year than Nick. Carson finished the season at 7.67 with Foles at 7.07. Including the last two years, Foles is closer but the numbers are similar — Carson at 7.57 and Foles at 7.16.

    Myth No. 4: “Carson just turns the ball over too often. Nick is really careful with the ball.”

    The Reality: Wentz had seven interceptions and nine fumbles (losing six) and Foles had eight interceptions and four fumbles (losing two). So Wentz played 724 snaps and turned the ball over 13 times and Foles played 476 snaps and had 10 turnovers. Wentz averaged a turnover every 55.7 plays and Foles one every 47.6 plays.

    Myth No. 5: “Nick was money late in games. Carson wasn’t.”

    The Reality: Wentz actually had the eighth-highest fourth-quarter passer rating out of 36 QBs who threw at least 50 fourth-quarter passes at 102.4. Foles ranked 33rd out of those 36 quarterbacks with a 67.5 fourth-quarter passer rating.

    Myth No. 6: “Alshon didn’t get going until Nick took over!”

    The Reality: Alshon averaged significantly more yards per catch with Foles — 16 per catch compared to 11. But five of his six touchdowns came from Carson, and he actually averaged more catches per game with Wentz (4.5) than Foles (3.9).

    Myth No. 7: “Carson can’t throw the deep ball like Nick.”

    The Reality: Nick throws a great deep ball, but Wentz actually had 16 completions of 30 yards this year or more compared to nine for Foles. That’s one every 25 attempts for Carson and one every 30 attempts for Foles.

    Myth No. 8: “Nick really moved the chains better than Carson.”

    The Reality: Carson threw for 163 first downs compared to 89 for Nick. That’s 14.8 passing first downs per game for Carson and 12.7 for Nick.

    Myth No. 9: Carson built up his stats against bad teams. Nick was much better against winning teams.

    The Reality: Carson was actually sharper against winning teams. Nick completed 67 percent of his passes vs. winning teams for 298 yards per game with seven TDs and six interceptions for an 89.6 passer rating. Carson also completed 67 percent of his passes vs. winning teams for 307 yards with 10 TDs and four INTs and a 92.9 passer rating.

    Myth No. 10: “Well, Nick was more consistent than Carson.”

    The Reality: He actually wasn’t. Seven of the eight-highest passer ratings by Eagles QBs this year belong to Carson, and five of the seven lowest belong to Nick. Here’s that chart:

    122.2 … Carson Wentz at Giants
    120.4 … Nick Foles vs. Texans
    120.3 … Carson Wentz at Cowboys
    119.6 … Carson Wentz vs. Panthers
    119.6 … Carson Wentz at Jaguars
    115.3 … Carson Wentz vs. Vikings
    108.6 … Carson Wentz vs. Giants
    102.5 … Carson Wentz vs. Cowboys
    102.1 … Nick Foles at Redskins
    99.4 … Carson Wentz at Titans
    98.9 … Carson Wentz vs. Redskins
    98.8 … Nick Foles at Buccaneers
    89.4 … Nick Foles at Rams
    84.9 … Carson Wentz vs. Colts
    77.7 … Nick Foles at Bears
    61.4 … Nick Foles at Saints
    50.7 … Nick Foles vs. Falcons
    31.9 … Carson Wentz vs. Saints

  71. No Hugh Douglas?

  72. Steve van Buren harold Carmichael Tommy McDonald

  73. No one is investing foles… rather have a young guy than foles for the next 3 years…

  74. I’m sorry Lb y’all r higher on Nelson than me he’s got almost a 10 mil cap hit he’s an ok player but not at that cap

  75. No B. WESTBROOK#36?!?!?!?!??

  76. Damn Dawkins should’ve been your top player dude? 8th? lol

  77. If Dallas had Brian Dawkins last year we’d have won the Sb. lol

  78. Ab asked for trade let’s go get him with him alshon and ertz that be damn near unstoppable

  79. No Jeremiah Trotter?

  80. Tate would be a nice fit in Dallas knowing he isn’t too happy with the birds,

  81. Only the best workout when most are just sleeping. LB keep it up bra hard work dedication! A true Eagle.

  82. I have to admit man… Your content just keeps getting better and better!!!! Happy to been around before you gotten viral!!!

    • Thanks man that means a lot coming from somebody who’s content I also enjoy

    • I be like thats my mans LB. Got a new joint out. Im in here in between the schoolwork I definitely support ya.

    • DSTARR I feel you I be checking you out bro you be working

  83. That cap keeps clamping down tight … and the word is the WR draft pool is deep. Off season is gonna be a balance of resigning eagles, cheap free agents and draftees.

  84. KELCE!!!!

  85. I like Tate way more than Agholor and it’s not because of his past this because of his explosiveness he can break tackles he can catch really good and he’s fast I really think we should keep tate for sure.

  86. I’ve nothing but love for you.  Great video.  And I like how you think.  If the Eagles wanted what’s best for the team and they want January games to be the New Normal, well do what you need to do to ensure that.  Look at the last two years, and say Hmm what is it that guaranteed us that place in the post season?  It’s a no brainer.  I was baggin up with your intro btw

  87. I’ve nothing but love for you.  Great video.  And I like how you think.  If the Eagles wanted what’s best for the team and they want January games to be the New Normal, well do what you need to do to ensure that.  Look at the last two years, and say Hmm what is it that guaranteed us that place in the post season?  It’s a no brainer.  I was baggin up with your intro btw

  88. Jerone brown was a beast hefore he passed away..him and reggie white were the reason we were called gang green

  89. Keep Foles to trade for some DB!!!!!!!

  90. You left out Riley Cooper… you monster lmao : )

  91. I agree the NFL did Colin Kapernick dirty he deserves to be signed by a team

  92. Bro, it’s been an honor watching your show grow. It makes me proud to see another brother from Philly make it. With that said…you look like a weirdo out here with that top 10! Let me hit you with a real Eagles top 10!

    1. B-Dawk
    2. Reggie White
    3. Nick Foles
    4. Brian Westbrook
    5. Lesean McCoy
    6. Chuck Bednarik
    7. Randall Cunningham
    8. Jason Peters
    9. Jerome Brown
    10. Desean Jackson

    • +Lord Brunson Yeah, it was hard to come up with 10 without leaving some really great players off the list

  93. TB comin from Medillin wit a truckload yo Lord Brunson dat had me rollin. We wont miss out on a lead back for our RB room.

    • I think we getting Blount back

  94. Lol great video.

    • Thanks

  95. Big facts bro. Yo, im digging the stuff u have on ur amazon page ima be purchasing some goodies pretty soon. Stay up boss. Go Birds!!!

    • That’s love bro. I’ll be updating it this week

  96. right now they have to work sal cap to try and trade foles. then they will resign

  97. Hear is my top 10 eagles players of all time #1 reggie white #2 weapon X #3 Randall Cunningham #4 B. Westbrook #5 Nick foles #6 brent celek #7 duce Staley #8 Malcolm Jenkins #9 D. Jax #10 McNabb FLY EAGLES fly 4 life

  98. What about Cox

  99. I have 10 favorite Eagles but hard to list them. (in no order)
    Brian Dawkins
    Jeremiah Trotter
    Freddie Mitchell (honorable mention)
    Fletcher Cox
    Brian Westbrook
    Reggie White
    Tra Thomas
    Lito Sheppard
    Carson Wentz
    Duce Staley
    Trent Cole