Atlanta Falcons Fans | Should Falcons Trade For Browns Duke Johnson?

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Atlanta Falcons Fans | Should Falcons Trade For Browns Duke Johnson?


  1. Nope, we have backs and if we do not sign T-Coleman we will draft someone….

  2. We need to repair our lines first

    • Seargent AR-10 agreed!

  3. We have Free and Ito so no. But as much as I love Free idk if he can stay healthy. Makes me think we might need to let him go and keep Cole instead. That hurts to say, but it’s true.

    • T. Miller Nah, we saw what happened this year without Freeman. Freeman is a big part of the Offense Coleman is a good #2 Back, but it’s a mistake if they trade Freeman, He’s A Special Talent.

    • markus greaves I agree and he’s one of my favorite Falcons, but he has got to stay healthy or he’s no help.

    • T. Miller I see what you mean, but it’s a mistake to trade him. I think a lot of his decline was due to Sark not drawing up good running plays for him. If you rewatch Freeman’s 2017 Highlights a lot of his big running plays were due to the fact that he can make defenders miss & he can run them over. If you rewatch the eagles games Sark kept running Freeman straight into the D-Line. There was no way Freeman was going to be able to stay upright the whole season.

    • T. Miller He’s definitely my vote for Comeback player of the Year.

    • markus greaves I hope you’re right. Don’t know about with Koetter calling the plays though. He’s a passing guy, maybe he’ll be better at calling running plays than Sark but we’ll have to see.

    • Wait Cole had lots of time off too

  4. How we got 8 picks ?

  5. We should repair that damn defense , 28th ranked defense isn’t going to help your offense certainly.

    Question for Mike: Is Dan Quinn going to be the Defensive Coordinator or still remain as the Head Coach ??

  6. Browns Might be a nasty group 2019. Looks like a team that believes it’s time to get a ring!

  7. Agreed, not a top priority right now.

  8. Nooo.. We should trade matt ryan…

    • and bring in who?

    • How did Mad mike like this comment to trade Matt Ryan that’s what I wanna know

  9. Nooooo get one out the draft …..DQ draft backs good

  10. Nah Duke Johnson Will be useful somewhere else. I Believe Freeman will be a 1,000 yard Double Digit touchdown Running Back in 2019. Sark didn’t know how to draw up running plays for him to be successful. A lot of the Offense has Been successful when Freeman has ran like the top 10 pro bowl RB that he is. Ito Smith will be a Solid #2 as Well in 2019.

  11. Freeman can’t stay healthy worth shit 🙁

    • After they, lose the superbowl because they sit him,

  12. DL then OL

  13. Thank you Mad Mike

    • Yes sir. No problem

  14. We should keep Coleman and Smith can be a 3rd string, leave it at that. Coleman has come in when we needed him and is a dependable back, essentially going toe to toe with Freeman when they split snaps. Reliable, growing potential and his play making speed. The yin to Freemans elusive yang.

  15. Hell no!!