Chiefs LIVE Q&A – Free Agency and NFL Draft | Kansas City Chiefs 2019 | NFL

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Chiefs LIVE Q&A – Free Agency and NFL Draft | Kansas City Chiefs 2019 | NFL


  1. Of the receivers group from 2018, my ideal 6, going in order by jersey number, here’s the group I would keep:
    10 Tyreek Hill
    11 Demarcus Robinson
    12 Gehrig Dieter
    14 Sammy Watkins as long as he stays healthy through OTAs and training camp
    17 Chris Conley
    19 Byron Pringle (he has jersey number one right now but according to the stupid NFL rules skill-position players that are not quarterbacks cannot have single digit numbers)

  2. Any body on the future signing to
    Look at

  3. I hope we use a third or fourth round pick on rb, but I could see and aggressive push and use the second of the second round picks on a back

  4. Can Pat Mahomes throw it farther than Uncle Rico?

  5. A lot of people think Spags has had bad defenses statistically so he’ll be a bad coordinator. But… He was on some REALLY bad teams, with bad players and no offense. With a good team, he’ll be very good IMO.

  6. I would love to see Clelin Ferrell is my dream 1st round pick

  7. Alliance Football league is kinda fun to watch

  8. We have to draft Jachai Polite Florida, Straight BEAST!!!! Check him out.

    • on My list to watch for sure!

  9. Now that Kareem is in Cleveland is duke johnson a candidate for backup behind Damien

    • Unless we trade for him, no. Hes still under contract

    • Ethan Hunt what about Chubb as our new starter?

    • +Jack Green chubb aint going anywhere either dude lol

  10. ???Benjamin could be a linebacker!

  11. Keep houston bye barry

  12. DAMN , Kareem Hunt signs with the Cleveland Browns , should have been with the CHIEFS, love my Chiefs ❤️

    • He’s from Cleveland, and a die-hard Browns fan. It’s a better fit for Kareem. In the Chiefs-Browns game he payed for tickets for his high school class.

    • MewTheWild He will miss playing with the Chiefs in the Super Bowl , CHIEFS❤️

  13. Ragland = terrible

    • He looks terrible out there,it doesn’t make sence,he was the second best linebacker coming out of his draft class behind Jalen/Cowboys linebacker

  14. Ragland = terrible

  15. Ryan what’s the name of the band you’re with ?

  16. Players don’t go in to the hall of fame with specific NFL teams. That’s a baseball thing.

  17. Since stopping the run is the most important thing and the Chiefs are going to a 4-3, they need an immovable object at DT, followed by a stout ILB. Can’t afford a FA run-stuffing DT, so. who is worth drafting 1st or 2nd round? If Houston is let go, then DE moves up the list amd Chiefs will have to buy an ILB.

  18. ??Watts, Pringle, Benjamin?? What do we do with them? Podcast quit playing halfway through, and won’t finish. Stupid phone. GO CHIEFS! ! !

    • Truth is i don’t know what the team thinks of them. We have to ait and see

  19. Imo u need to draft o line every year. Oline is by far most important position behind qb. We need to always be bringing in o line talent since we need around 8 quality starters

  20. Should grab Philip Dorsett for slot wr

  21. I think if our defense is better his numbers will be better, more time on offense means more time for my homie

  22. I think we need one more elite WR, just in case (hopefully not) someone gets hurt.. but also one more weapon for Mahomie!

  23. I think we need to see what the patriots did and really take some notes. Go look at the patriots secondary, look at their front seven…. what’s the common thread? DEPTH! A lot of bodies EVERYWHERE, during this Mahomes era over the next 15 years, we need to go heavy on drafting defense and rely on Mahomes to make guys better than they otherwise would be, and also hope guys will take less to play with him. All the guys the pats have let go on defense over the last 5 years and they still have this depth… it’s no secret.

  24. I just do not understand this blind love for Ford. The guy is not Top 5. Forget the Tag and get this guy to sign a very team friendly deal or move on from him. Just remember this defense stinks – there is no need to keep anyone.

    • Not blind love. He was a top5 NFL edge rusher in 2018. He was 3rd in sacks and #1 overall in total pressures. He will get paid heavily on the open market if he gets there.

    • I just do not see it from an eye test. It never felt to me he was a top 5 guy. Plus, you already have Houston at 16M. So if Ford is worth another 16M, You just sucked up 15% of your cap on two guys. On a Top 30 defense. I will be looking forward to seeing what the Chiefs do with him. Great Show.

  25. I’d go jordan Hicks over CJ Mosley

  26. Thanks and oohhh TJ

  27. Speaks,Conley,Kpass,all wasted draft picks