Official Pittsburgh Steelers 2019 NFL Mock Draft W/Trade 6.0 **HD Quality**

Pittsburgh Steelers

Official Pittsburgh Steelers 2019 NFL Mock Draft W/Trade 6.0 **HD Quality**


  1. we need to take akeem butler that is the truth

    • tiffany banks I’m a big fan of his myself

  2. I think we have to be more stingy when it comes to trading AB. I know some people r saying hes only worth a 2 with antics but to me that’s ridiculous. This is my favorite player ever and giving him away for a 2 would be a terrible deal for us. I love the Desir signing tho. Great work

    • Patrick Schrantz that second round pick is basically a first, it’s an early second and that’s tremendous value. Plus getting there 4th this year. AB is 30, the last two years on his contract are extremely pricey

  3. I think we have to be more stingy when it comes to trading AB. I know some people r saying hes only worth a 2 with antics but to me that’s ridiculous. This is my favorite player ever and giving him away for a 2 would be a terrible deal for us. I love the Desir signing tho. Great work

  4. Solid a$ f*** but AB for #2, ???

  5. If we don’t take him and we trade AB they mental also that desir signing is exactly what we need

    • That 6’6 frame on the outside with his speed. Yikes and that Desir signing would be clutch, he had a good year

  6. If we lose AB we need to get N’Keal Harry! Good mock though

    • I would love that, if he is there at 20

  7. Country road take me home!!!!!! Your taking it to the next level now. Lol

    • Yup lol, and I love country music

  8. I would love to see the Steelers signing Hicks but, for some reason, they abhor making a big move in free agency. I think they should take Mack Wilson at #20, even if it’s a reach (although I don’t think it is). They can’t spend another year without a three-down ILB leading the defense.

    Loved the Amari and the Sills selections. Great work.

  9. Also get rid of AB like for real!!!! That punk!!!!!

  10. What’s the name of that mix of I hope she cheats it’s great

    • I hope by Gabby Barrett it’s her newest single

  11. How would we sign all those players with ab dead cap when traded

  12. Good job once again , a lot of needs are filled, I like the free agent signing but hopefully there r better players we can get and how do you feel about Trayvon Mullen ?

    • Thank you and I’m not a big fan of Mullen personally

  13. Great mock draft wish this came true maybe devin white in the first but I love this mock

  14. I love the Florida’s guy pick

    • CGJ

  15. I rly like this especially w free agents fantastic job!!!!

    • I’ll do that a lot more once things get more clear when the new league year starts

  16. I believe Davis is retiring

  17. Trade AB for keanu Neal, Sign Robert Alford, Trade Morgan Burnett and 4,5,6,X2 3rd for deion Jones

  18. Amani is a straight beast, in person he is huge and such a big wing span. Would be a great addition to a poor secondary.

    • HersheyParker id love to have him in the black and gold

  19. Your best mock so far, loved it man, keep the hard work

    • Thanks man, appreciate it

  20. Trading AB to the 49er’s for their second and fourth round?. it’s my understanding that they only have 5 picks to begin with. Of the FA’s you mentioned they might get one or two but not all four.

  21. Why wouldn’t you get josh Allen if you already have Hicks

    • He’s not gonna last to pick 20 bro

  22. BTW Fant is a Gesicki type of TE….All catch no block Knock on Oruwariye is perceived lack of deep route speed……and there’s not much demand for a 4 step punter in the NFL.

  23. Javier Vasquez wouldn’t mind it and a lot of household names are being mentioned as potential cuts

  24. Ralph Furley realistically bro, we’d be lucky to even get a first with what has happened over the course of the last month. He’s hurting his stock and unfortunately teams look into these kinds of things. And we can afford to take fant I round one because the corner back class this year is so deep, you can get a corner I round 2 that has first round talent. And I’ve grown a lot on CGJ and Pratt over the last couple of weeks. Both have high football IQ

  25. What you think of these picks logic. We keep AB/TE- use what we got more before drafting another- we barely use them in plays, Sign are free agents of o-line/ find a saftey, and d-lins in free agency. 1st- Mack Wilson Alabama or Devin Bush Michigan Lb. 2nd- Mullen CB Clemson. 3rd-Pratt or Tony Ferguson Edge or Rock ya sin Temple CB. 4th- Joseph Clemson or Edwards Wisconsin lb or dline/oline. 6th- Felton Davis Michigan State Wr. 6.2nd- Higdon Rb Michigan. 7th – need or value. Rb- Connor, Samuels, Higdon. Wr- Ab, juju,Washington, Davis/Switzer/Rogers/Haywardbay. Hard to place players because different drafts have people going everywhere, some picks may not be available, 1st are a little reach, if top 3 CB gone, but some draft have them all 3 dropping to 20ish.

  26. I don’t think Fant will be there at 20 pending on what the Bengals do because they are projecting to draft white. Don’t think Fant is a need for the Steelers. We have McDonald and James will be back. I love the Germaine Pratt pick! He’s a really good ILB!

  27. yo man love the free agents w jordan hicks its a great addition to the draft. Although i would prefer Earl Thomas o Tyrann Mathieu in free agency, still quite good. Just a suggstion tho, maybe u should consider something other than a tight end in the first round. (Corner?????) Think u should give the first round defense a chance, w either Byron Murphy or Devin White. And one more thing, i just dont think, realistially, AB is gonna leave. It would be quite wasteful of us to trade him for a second rounder. A first and second I think is a fairer price. And i also dont think colbert will deal him for something hes not worth. like the depth picks, but I really think we need a corner or a linebacker in the first.

  28. Great mock, if the offseason goes like this we’re getting 7

  29. My personal opinion is that the Steelers first draft pick needs to be a defensive player! What u think? Great mock draft btw!

  30. I’m loving the mocks but I don’t love the music choice AT ALL!

  31. Cardinals will draft first than the Steelers and has more cap

  32. A Te in the first round would be a massive mistake unless they trade Brown for a number 1 pick the need interior linebacker help and cornerback

  33. Are you stupid? There, they’re and their. All have different meanings. You look like a moron ” Trade ab to the 9ers for THERE second rd pick” it’s spelled “Their” which means ownership. You must be a moron. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO go back to elementary tbh

  34. lol trade the best wr since Jerry rice for 2nds and 4th and get a slow camp fodder wr for him in the draft for replacement. Sorry dude

    • Builders Life technically Noah Fant takes over that AB role as a production standpoint and Sills will not be a camp body, sorry

  35. Great Mock! idk about TE first but it was still good! I think they’ll go ILB at #20 unless a CB that they can’t pass up on falls to them.

  36. Good choices. However, I think the first pick will be on a defensive player. TE is not a high priority, but I like the player you selected (possibly 2nd round if available). There will be CB’s (need a couple, I think) and MLB’s available for 1st round who can patch the defense immediately. Need a coverage MLB with blitzing abilities (Thomas Davis will likely want a 3+ year deal, not sure the Steelers will commit to that unless the price is incredible). I like the corner you chose, but I’d like to see LSU’s Greedy Williams as well (both not likely to be available for the Steelers). Would like the Steelers to trade for Emmanuel Sanders (someone who knows the city, the team, and players) because he can contribute immediately and is a TEAM guy.