1. This is going to get interesting Fedkiw


  3. U mean a little radio reporter from denver was wrong?????

  4. FOLES isn’t vindictive… everyone will be HAPPY…

  5. Howie Is Gonna Use His Magic Again, Reel and Deal

  6. Couple players WILL rework contracts…as per USUAL

  7. Aloa Adrian, on my last comment on Philly500 i told him that the Eagles should hold Nick on the team And here is why. Carson has not proven so far that he can be a franchise QB ! Sounds hard but thats a fact. He played last year in a low schedule against cupcakes his best season, gets hurt again and never saw 1 playoff minute. Nick has nothing to prove , he is clutch as it gets, won you the chip and can rally the troops. Here is my deal. Bring both in and tell them we have 30 M for the QB spot, lets split it both get 15 M for the next 3 years. If they are the teamplayers i think they are both take this deal. It would secure the Eagles from getting blown out every single game by 3- 5 TD´s if Wentz goes down again and if you need a closer like in baseball … look at your bench there is St. Nick. He is the second coming of Mister Clutch and if its close he is the Man ! You must be crazy to trade Nick away ! He goes to the Giants and destroy you 2 times a year i promise you they Booh Wentz outta town like they did with Santa in Philly. Can you imagine Foles, Barkley and OBJ … that sounds not goood ! Wentz has to prove that he can stay healthy first and lead a team in the playoffs and then he deserves a big contract. Nick gives you a 5 M discount what he will do and you are fine for the next 3 years. I see no problem in that. Oh last point GO COWBOYS 😀

  8. I think you’re right about that Mccloud money. We’ll know what is going on with Foles by the deadline for sure.

  9. I do love me some Howie wheeling and dealing. It’s been even better with some real draft contributions in the last couple years.
    Despite our trade for Wentz, we are in just about the best draft / salary cap/ roster flexibility position in the whole NFC East.
    We gambled on his market by keeping him, and the absolute mad lad improved that market. I want to see him in the Super Bowl in an Eagles v Jags match.

  10. Hey so the Eagles do all this so that they can franchise tag Foles to get just under the cap will the Eagles have any money for free agency or to pay their draft picks