New Orleans Saints Fans BOYCOTTING Super Bowl In Effort To Drop Ratings!

New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints Fans BOYCOTTING Super Bowl In Effort To Drop Ratings!


  1. 1st

  2. Payback for bountygate that’s all I gotta say

    • C0lt5 Nat10n payback for bountygate was the Minneapolis miracle

    • So spygate and deflategate never happened? Because I’m pretty damn sure that Brady’s going for ring #6 rn and nobody’s batting an eye…

  3. Sup

  4. Putos

  5. Trigger travises

  6. I get it in all but just let it go

    • What until your team next ,need stick together as fans and stop this rigged shit,are super bowl tainted,done

  7. Lmao while theyre doing that ill be watching the superbowl

    • Watching a rigged game Aaahhh America at it’s finest

    • That’s right La rams all day

  8. Who Dat for life

  9. I love when they play in those all black uniforms…shit so gangsta

  10. Hahaha

  11. Ok seriously though Saints fans, you’re not going to make a dent in the ratings….

    • What’s it to you anyway? Why should your opinion even matter to us?

    • I agree but I’m a huge saints fan but long story short the way the saints were cheated I hope Vince McMahon brings back the XFL

    • Connor Bergeron bc your team already took the L

  12. I’m boycotting.

    • Good luck with that

    • I seen this many time ref blow the game. One call can turn the team momentum around. This one is so obvious there was 3 foul can be call on and they didn’t. NO work so hard to get there and got rob.

    • +Kev Ngu I agree that the saints should have won but this is just getting ridiculous all this threatening and complaining only makes fans look dumb

    • It’s good that this happened. This is where they going to make some changes for next year for non-call be able to challenge and challenge foul call that is incorrect by ref.

    • +Kev Ngu hopefully and if you think the NFL refs are bad watch a nba game just once there horrible

    • Glibert it’s start to something new. All high pay sport are rig specially on high money game. We have technology right now to replay back some bad call and reverse it. Game is moving alot faster then before. Trust me I seen enough bad judges and ref .

  13. I believe this would be at rest of the NFL came out and said the refs did a huge mistake and admitted their staff was bad

  14. I guess that’s easier than admitting that your team choked

    • +Connor Bergeron See… I like how you think

    • Your team has sucked for all of the 2010s except for like 2 years you have no room to talk

    • +Connor Bergeron wait how many superbowl wins do the saints have?

    • +Lifty YT when’s the last time the giants even made the playoffs?

  15. The Aints fans will be watching.. I haven’t watched a regular season game few years because of Colin SACK-OR-PICK…. but always watch the super bowl.

  16. Who Dat⚜️

    • All the wayyyy

  17. Should have stormed the field in protest after the no call…

  18. New Orleans Saltys

    • I would fight but then I would prove you point

  19. They just needa take the L and stop blaming it on the missed call, both their “two headed” monsters rushed for less than 50 yds, and their best receiver also had less than 50. Drew Brees wasn’t Drew Brees. The Rams defense shut them down completely. Saints fans just using the bad call as an excuse to cover up how bad their team played

    • Well it would have sent us to a super bowl , you would be mad too

    • +HS_Prime that’s every saints fans comeback but reality is most fanbases would’ve been mature about it and moved on

    • Dum ass Alvin had 98 more than both Rams running backs that was supposed to run saints over , as a fan yes pissed could have been your team any,this was the worse call ever in sports world saw it not just any game super bowl,then teams play bad all time still win , it’s first and goal game over, saints robbed ,all fans should be worried,your next,fans are ducks,we all as NFL fans got played that night

    • Pheo Smith AK had 98 receiving not rushing most of them came off the flat which he got a lot of YAC. I personally don’t root for either team, it’s just facts the Rams played like they wanted it more, the Saints got shut down after a big first quarter they didn’t capitalize on turnovers and in the red zone. I personally think if the call was given the Rams defense would’ve stepped up as they did all game.

  20. Get over it saints fans y’all didn’t get y’all call so stay home Cough New Orleans

  21. Ok now other fans can take your seats

    • ELR 46 that’s not how it works, they’re not watching it so then the viewing rate drops

    • Now you missed a super bowl sucks to be u

  22. anger pushes us all to do ignorant things

    but in the middle of the anger evrry move you make seems justified

    you will come to in due time N.O…..Hold my hand

  23. is it just me or is jackie starting to grow on me like she’s a good presence on the fumble !

  24. Nah

  25. they should all just watch it on one screen instead if not watching it at all

  26. How much longer do you think we’ll have Brees?! That’s why we’re so fucking pissed bc after he retires we ain’t gonna be worth shit! This should’ve been our sb and the refs decided it wasn’t. So don’t talk about shit that you don’t have a clue about ok buddy? Thanks

  27. I’ve been boycotting NFL and the Super Bowl for last two years since Chargers left San Diego. Trust me when I say don’t miss NFL at all. I’m just now a bigger NBA fan

    • Eddie Stevens good job man the NFL is really feeling the effects of your boycott

    • The NBA sucks even worse than the NFL.

  28. +Connor Bergeron exactly bro I am tired of people saying that

  29. +Connor Bergeron yea that’s true and I agree with you on that but you still have playmaking receivers and two fantastic running backs that can put you guys back in the position to get to the Superbowl and possibly win it.

  30. You think Teddy B or Taysom Hill is gonna be our star after Brees retires, I mean Drew Brees is almost 40

  31. +HS_Prime Teddy probably won’t even be on the team next year…personally I think we should try to get Kyler Murray

  32. +HS_Prime aye man you never know one of those players might surprise you guys

  33. Lmao saint fans swear they 100mill deep. Who told brees throw that pick in overtime?

    • Well let’s see 300 pound guy slamming you in face to ground go look replay no call again but Brady getting calls in next game barely touched,then facts no overtime if one of the 4 refs from California made the worse call in sports history,no call ,3 flags on one play,sad

    • +Pheo Smith get over it. 13-0 lead in the superdome. The saints are supoose to finish that game off. It shouldn’t even have had to come down to leaving it in the refs hands. Put your foot on their neck and end that game.

  34. The superbowl still will be watched

  35. Boycotting for a sport? You hellhound people.

  36. Calm down ya the refs missed the call but it was drew huh thru the INT in OT soo thats his fault

    • Yes again no call ,hands to the face by suh and slam to ground no call again go look,then should have not been overtime,duh ,as NFL fans we all should be worried what happened, your team could be next,wtf,are we stupid,we saw,NFL rigged, tainted Super Bowl Rigged Boycott

  37. Jeez can saint fans calm down and focus on the super bowl

  38. Only thing the saints are denting is there chance to make the Super Bowl every year cause there trash

  39. +Connor Bergeron they didn’t get cheated out of anything they were up at the beginning had an opportunity to close it out and let the Rams back in the game oh not to mention to brees interception in ot yes it was a bad missed a call but Rams shouldve gotten calls that were missed too try again next year

  40. Ok seriously where is Brit man

  41. Great! A fan base for a team that is not in the Super Bowl, is going to not watch! But guess who is not going to win! The Aints

  42. Lol they won’t effect anything

    • You right cause the WWE fans and stupid ass’s of the world will watch,but any normal smart educated person not watching tainted Super Bowl Rigged,wtf after what we saw the world in front our face Lol,I’m not a sucker,NFL not playing me and my family no more,fake

  43. Y’all saints fans crazier than eagles fans…

    • Tell them something they don’t know.

  44. LMFAOOO who tf cares????

  45. Good for you, Who Dat Nation!

  46. Boycott Super Bowl Rigged tainted

  47. Duh think all fans should be pissed, worried,your team could be next,only stupid ass’s still watching NFL, NFL-NATIONAL Fake League WWE,

  48. Damn Saints fans need to get over it.

  49. 2 words, move on. Its going to be a good one!!

  50. Who Dat ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️

  51. Right with you .Boycotting also

  52. CleanSenpai the Bree’s int never happens if a Normal football call is called. Rams never win if that call is made.

  53. Good for them.