Terrell Owens defends the Saints, talks what makes Brady better than other QBs | NFL | UNDISPUTED

New Orleans Saints

Terrell Owens defends the Saints, talks what makes Brady better than other QBs | NFL | UNDISPUTED


  1. Is Tom Brady the best QB this season?

    • I hope they dont use that offical Ref team at the ToiletBowl

    • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED I can’t believe it but I TOTALLY DISAGREE with Shannon. Smh being a player who’s been to the Super Bowl how can he think like this? I’m no where near a Pats fan but they got to the bowl FAIR vs the rams who didn’t so I’m pulling for Brady.

    • hes far from the most athletic qb in the league but when it comes down to the wire hes clutch. and has the intelligence and awareness to back it up. thats the skill most qbs lack

    • No and im a Patriots fan. I’d give it to Mahomes

    • Side judge adamantly tells referee not to throw his flag Saints Rams game … look it up

    • +Htown Lifer He goes by the name Ripped AF.

    • Hands down, Mahomes was the best QB this season. However, I would argue that Brady has been the best QB this postseason and I would still pick him over anyone else when I need a clutch drive.

    • In Skip’s mind, Lord yes. In reality, Patrick Mahomes stepped up and showed out. I dub Andy Reid “the real QB whisperer” (sorry, Gruden). The Rams are in cause there was a lot of money invested in in the Rams returning back to L.A.

    • Mahomes and luck had a better regular season.

    • Who cares, let’s get back to the fact that you keep screaming this is the worst call in sports history, you forget the hand of God Maradona?? That’s just one from the history books

    • If Brady would have played back in the day he would have never made it he wouldn’t have won what he won and wouldn’t have been protected like he has been

    • Tom Brady is the luckiest QB ever! This last game he got a roughing the passer call! It was explained that the ref could not see the play from behind? But he called roughing the passer anyway??? Then there was SPY GATE, DEFLATE GATE, TUCK RULE game(rod woodson), then the seattle passing on a RUN(beast mode) play, giving the pats another superbowl. I hear there are more too. SMH!

    • The Brady Brees Bowl is the only answer to that question…guess we will never know.

    • This season: Mahomes
      All time: Brady

    • New orleans have the best QB

    • I going throw my two cents in. How i feel about it if its anyone fault it the saints coach fault did they have times outs left under the rules a coach is allow to challenge the play for a time out if he wins he not charge with a time out next time dont act like a child wave your arms around and throw your own flag they still had the ball also they when to the next play themselves not the other team rams are off on this one sorry people.

    • i just double check the saints had two time out ha just ha nothing else need be said

    • The true test of a champion is not a single season or one single game. It’s over a full career of accomplishments. Tom Brady is the proverbial champion, the “poster boy” of a true champion.

  2. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder day that was Pass Interference

  3. Rams are in the Super Bowl because Brees turned it over in O.T

  4. Imperfect? Purposely uncalled, more like it.

  5. Jenny is the worst !!!

  6. I agree with TO they should replay the game at that moment of the flag its in the rule book i wana see this

  7. Owens going in on Shannon. Nice.

  8. Shannon needs to explain himself. He has yet to say at any point this week why he’s taking this stance. IMO he hasn’t answered that question.

  9. Why does no one talk about the roughing the passer in the pats game, I think that is just as bad as a call

  10. i dont think theres anybody in america that will argue that it was one of the worst calls we have ever seen. but whats done is done. you cant have them replay the game thats just crazy. moving forward they could do something to keep it from happening again. i cant imagine what the saints are thinking right now. by all means they should be in the super bowl. but in the rams defense the saints had a few infractions during the game also that they got away with. they just didnt severly impact the game like the last one did

  11. TO and Skip have a point. But as always Uncle Shay is using LOGIC!!!!!A

  12. Listen, I don’t think there should be any sort of rematch or anything like that, but unfortunately, that is probably the ONLY thing that would or could make this right. Something to also consider here: When is the last time YOU heard of sports betting agencies giving money back to customers? Never? Exactly. I think most fail to realize the overall magnitude of this situation. You have people who’ve been around the game at a high level for 30 years or better saying that this was the worst no-call in history. Anything that compromises the Integrity of the game should be handled accordingly. You may not be a Saints fan per say, but that cannot be denied. And I’m saying this as a Baltimore Ravens fan.

  13. if everyone says brady won on a coin flip, what does that mean for brees who threw a pick in OT that lost them the game?

  14. See this is the problem with the world ok the call could of won the game for them but it didn’t but you have a hall famer who at one point was a mvp canidate who got the ball first in overtime at home the fact they couldn’t put those guys away means they didn’t even belong in the Superbowl (bums) my quarterback was on the road and got the ball first I was like game we belong so stop crying it wasn’t your year Brees fell off the cluff

  15. I seldom disagree with Shay-Sharpe but he lost this debate…

  16. Salute to T.O. Hall of Famer

  17. The better team won


  19. What would have happened if the WR was injured on that play?

  20. terrell owens is pretty good analyst. lets have him more on this show

  21. Skkkkiiuuuppp…that hair!!

  22. Shannon needs medication. what a tool

  23. Lifelong Saints fan and I don”t want the game to be redone. Just a horrible way for a superbowl to be determined.

  24. The Saints need to stop crying. If the shoe was on the other foot they wouldn’t be saying a damn thing.

  25. T-Owen is the wisest man on set

  26. Actually TO is wrong when he says the ref told the other not to pull the flag. He was telling Sean Payton to get off the field and move. Cause there was another angle of that incident and that’s not what happened. The ref didn’t even have his hand on it. Also if they were going to rig that game they wouldn’t have done it on the spot I believe.

  27. Man the HIPOCRISY is awfully real here. WOW. Somebody answer this for me : had Tom Brady and the Patriots been in the Rams shoes what do YOU believe Skip would be saying right now?? Please don’t hold back.

  28. We wanna completely forget that the Saints got the ball first in Overtime and Drew Brees threw a game-ending interception too? They could’ve scored and won after that point too. I don’t wanna hear it.

  29. Where’s the code T.O talking about?

  30. Saints got robbed… Refs have ruined this season.



  33. 2nd TO vid I watched today, and he’s destroyed Shannon both times.

  34. already debunked when you see the ref “try to stop” the other ref from pulling the flag when you see the entire video hes going at sean payton

  35. That’s the worst take I have ever seen from Shannon…

  36. Why do they have these women on these shows…when they dont add anything to it…but sit there and look good…

  37. Watching T. Owens say all that as a saints fan makes me feel more proud of my team.

    We won that game… Not the Rams.

  38. I feel bad for the Rams and the Saints. The call was bad, but they act like there has never been a blown call that changed games and seasons. Are we going to go replay every badly officiated game. They would have to redo the season. That’s a plan we will call it the 2019 season.

  39. All this outrage over a missed call will be a moot point when Brady is holding up the 6 fingers like MJ. Brady is not playing an nfc east team, that is his only kryptonite in the super bowl.

  40. So why question is if they did say ok replay again and LA won again without any bad calls then what will NO saints fans say cause they’re gonna feel stupid asf if that was the case


  42. Undisputed is the best. You guys have the greatest personalities that come on show. Awesome job guys.

  43. #1. Jerry Rice
    #2. Randy Moss
    #3. Terrell Owens
    #4. Michael Irvin
    #5. Calvin Johnson

  44. Shannon Sharpe know damn well, if he was on the Saints team he would have been acting fool.

  45. Sorry Shannon, T.O. had your card..lol

  46. I’m a lions fan and as mad as I was and still am about the call against Dallas it wasn’t the nfc championship game it was the wild card this is the worst call ever


  48. T .O. IS DEAD RIGHT!!

  49. T.O. today in his 40s would be the best receiver on the Patriots

  50. I sorry. T.O has the worst arguments. Doesn’t address any of Shannon’s counterpoints and just keeps repeating himself. Stating hypotheticals like they’re forgone conclusions.

  51. As you all can see ….. Shannon is working for the NFL

  52. What’s funny is hearing the same Saints fans who are bitching about a missed call try to justify the missed calls against there team by saying “it wasn’t as obvious” or “it wasn’t a high leverage moment” like wtf if what you care about are the rules then you should be just as outraged at all the calls your team got away with…had that PI been called and the Saints won we would be talking about the missed face mask call that happened to Goff…point is both teams got helped but one team made the plays when they needed to the other threw picks..simple

  53. Shannon wouldn’t have that same energy if he was the Saints tight end.

  54. Ok I get it’s a terrible call one of the worst maybe even the worst. But in my opinion the saints could’ve still won this game. Brees threw a pick in OT they still had a chance. I don’t know about replaying the game. Anything could’ve happened after calling that play. Sean Payton should’ve just called run plays.

  55. Don’t worry the Rams won’t win the Super Bowl.

    • Josiah Blan exactly lol

  56. No it didnt impact the whole game. The rams not getting a facemask happened 1st had to kick a field goal. The throw was on 1st down and the saints had a chance to win in overtime .

  57. Saints lost period!

  58. T.O coming on skips show and agreeing with skip i never thought i would see this day……

  59. “Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder saw this play.” That was the greatest line in this entire show’s history.

  60. I think T.O would dominate these younger receiver and Defense back.

  61. It’s funny how no one wanna bring up the saints bad call in 09

  62. Shannon is dumb

  63. Go watch NHL , major league baseball, basketball they all miss calls!! Make up penalties! Wow saints had some bad luck that refs missed a pass interference! Helmet to helmet hit. Yes it sucked that the call didnt go the saints way! But u move on!! Saints still could had easily won the game !!

  64. “Skip and Terrell: Undisputed” yup sounds good to me

  65. Saints fan here. I know there are a lot of Saints fans out there calling for replay of the game or even blood of the Refs. However, most of us are not delusional to the point that NFL will actually replay the game. But, here’s what I want from NFL office.

    1. Address it officially. Don’t pretend it didn’t happen.

    2. Official apology to the team and the fans would be nice. Although, Rams won’t like this cause it will be like saying Rams shouldn’t be in SB. But, going to the SB is already Rams’ award. We all know Saints are more than happy to change places with Rams despite all the heat in return.

    3. DO SOMETHING TO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING AGAIN!!How??That’s up to the league to figure out. With Roger Goodell’s salary he should be more than willing to do so.

    4. This is optional, but compensatory draft pick or extra cap space for the Saints would be nice.

  66. it’s time to move on! superbowl is happening without the Saints. to bad!

  67. I’m not a Saints super fan but I would settle for a direct apology from Roger himself. If Roger said they blew the call, I would accept the Rams in the Superbowl.

  68. T. O. Counseling someone is hilarious

  69. So if they call the face mask on the previous drive on Saints the Rams potentially score 7 instead of taking 3. Them replaying the 1:49 on that game will definitely open Pandora’s box and now you have games being replayed.

    I will say this. They replay the game only helps the patriots because they just get extra time to prepare. Then ppl saying it’s rigged.

  70. Shannon’s on the wrong side of this about the saints

  71. Way to go NFL for making Super Bowl Lie the most boring matchup it could possibly be.

  72. People need to be open to change!

  73. TO is speaking the mind of every Saints’ fan.

  74. T.O. is physically unable to look Skip’s way

  75. Defense wins championships. Ask Tom Brady. #MacolmButler

  76. NFL is rigged they wanted to have an LA team in the Super Bowl for the promotion

  77. That’s NOT the point Shannon Sharpe! We know Roger Goodell isn’t going to have the game replayed—but it’s in the rulebook because that is a fair outcome… So stop with all of your bull-jyvin!

  78. Shannon just said something that had me thinking… Let’s just say the officials got it right and called the ”PI”… and… the Saints run the clock out and try to kick the field goal. Who’s to say that the kicker wouldn’t have missed or the kick isn’t blocked??? We can’t definitively say the Saints would have won the game. So… at this point, the game is over. LET IT GO!

  79. Shannon Sharpe should be fired…. Fired first thing Monday morning!

  80. I like how these guys pretend the NFL isn’t legally allowed to script outcomes of games, and that it doesn’t happen. Good show, gentlemen.

  81. Your have to be stupid if Roger makes them play the game over maybe if he made them go back a hour after the game but 5 days later not a chance

  82. Shannon wring bruh that missed call decided the game

  83. Shannon cant see the glasses or the frames sitting on the bridge of his nose…


  85. Saints lost Rams won…they need to pkay if over from the Goff missed facemask call

  86. I’m gonna have to stop Uncle Shay right there. Hey, the refs need to get it right 99.9999999999999999999% of the time. It’s too much on the line to get it wrong. Uncle Shay has a point of replaying the games, but there are billions of dollars involved among the other unintended consequences that come out of situations right now.

  87. Everyone can claim the refs blew the call (which they did) all they want, but it’s not like this is an isolated incident. In my opinion the Saints are at fault as well. What if they hadn’t chosen to pass on 1st and 3rd down? N.O. most likely wouldn’t haven been scrambling to figure out what play they were going to run after first down, because they would’ve known they were going to run. Rams would’ve taken their final timeout after a Saints 1st down run and stop the clock at 1:55. 2nd Down. Another run woud probaby run the clock down to at least 1:18. 3rd down. Another run would’ve taken it down to 43 seconds before N.O. took a timeout. 4th down. Kick the field goal. 00:00:40 left. The Rams would’ve spent at least 3 seconds on the kickoff. 00:00:37 left. The chances that they got down to field goal range with no timeouts would’ve been slim to none. Sean Payton lost that game.



  90. Uncle shae tripping

  91. You dont won’t them licks no mo T.O. LOL

  92. Its not just a missed call its about how bad it was and the impact of it from what it says in the rule book it thee most over the top missed called ever that it was no argument against it

  93. TO needs to read that rulebook more, read the NEXT section, and it makes it clear it will NOT replay a game because of a JUDGEMENT call

    plus this dude doesn’t even know what can be challenged

  94. TO was literally in a playoff game where Jerry Rice lost a fumble (that wasn’t called) on a drive that led to him making one of the greatest catches in NFL history, so for him to say this game should be replayed is utterly ridiculous and hypocritical.

  95. Replay tuck rule game then

  96. Tuck Rule is the worst call ever

  97. Lol and that missed facemask on Jared Goff? Goes both ways…get over it, Rams won.

  98. Anyone hate the unpredictable outro?

  99. Either way Rams roster wise is the best in nfl and have good chance of beating the pats

  100. The refs missed a blatant facemask penalty the drive before on Goff that would’ve set the Rams up on 1st and goal at the 2, why is no one talking about that? Then they went OT and beat them fair and square

  101. Come on man…Saints had chances after that call. I am with Shannon on this…

  102. Saints deserved to lose that game, they choked multiple times at the game and the last thing you need it’s a boring SB, you can’t have a mediocre team vs the patriots so the refs made sure we get an interesting SB. I was at the game and those saints fans are loud but so rude and disrespectful, they deserved that L.

    Go 9ers!!!

  103. No matter which team you support, shannon is right you try do what TO and skip wont to happen the game use all love is going to be ruined, and as a sports fan watching technology come into sports to supposedly help is running the game/games

  104. Imma have to agree with T.O. and Skip… why put it in the rule book if you’re not going to use it. I know they would never do it (Shannons point) but that doesn’t make it right. It’s literally written in the rules lmao

  105. Shannon is just wrong…..HE JUST IS! It was a penalty!!! Its no if, ands, or buts about it, IT WAS A FLAG. If they huddle up and throw a flag, THEN GOOD, they wouldve actually gotten it right. Even people who arent saints fans know this was a penalty, THE DEFENDER WHO COMMITTED THE PENALTY EVEN ADMITTED IT AFTER THE GAME!!! that wasnt “human error” that was just a blatant and PURPOSEFUL failure to do their job.

  106. The rams and saints should play one quarter directly prior to The Superbowl. Winner Imediately plays the pats.

  107. Skip mocks him by agreeing LMFAOOOO

  108. You have to be out of your mind to think the would replay this game. It’d be one thing if it were a call that actually ENDED the game, but the game still went on after that. If the Saints are a professional team, they should be capable of continuing and finishing off their business even after a bad call. They got the ball in OT and blew it, move on people.

  109. If they think those referees were the best of the best then they are crazy. Those referees also knew that this was a very very important game, so they should have brought their A game. But no they came in doing a low rate job. They need to be fired period.

  110. I love TO!

  111. T.O. smash you Shannon Sharpe

  112. MOVE ON

  113. Referee Gary Cavaletto #60 silenced the down judge Parick Turner. Gary holds a hold his hand in stop signal,points his finger right in Patricks face and then waives him away.

  114. If skip stop hatin on T.O they might agree more

  115. I need TO ad my lawyer

  116. They forget the saints had the ball first in overtime

  117. What they need is a slight change in rules for “just” for the playoffs as a perk for making the playoffs. 1) Same number of challenges “but” coaches can challenge any call or non call. 2)Both teams get the opportunity to score in OT.

  118. I just want Joy back

  119. I cant wait until next Sunday, so we can get this game played and have a champion crowned and put this nonsense behind us. 13-0 lead, a chance to stop the Rams from tying the game with a FG and finally the ball first in OT. A Drew Brees offense in that Dome has been dominant over the years and it failed to be dominant in the two playoff games played this year. So tired of this Bitchin about fairness.

  120. Out with the status quo in with the new…replay the final moments of the game this comin from a falcons fan who don’t wanna see saints play superbowl in atl but fair is fair

  121. Dont matter because the Patriots are gonna win.

  122. You can’t be goin by ifs

  123. Y they not debating that bs roughing the passer on Tom Brady lol

  124. “It decided who went to the Super Bowl.”

    No, it factually did not. That’s not even a debatable statement. The missed call did not decide the game. The Saints literally took the lead right after, had like 1:47 to stop the Rams, and won the OT coin toss.

    The Saints still had multiple opportunities to win even after that missed call. Multiple. They were in control of how the game played out, and even had extra help because of the rules in OT. It was no worse of a missed or blown call than any other. People really need to quit pretending otherwise, because they’re demonstrably wrong.

  125. It’s a slippery slope T.O., damn… I’m agreeing with Shay!!! Damn!

  126. I agree with TO to an extent…yes it was a bad call (but there have been tons of bad calls that determined the outcome of a game) but to do what he’s saying they should do is opening up a whole can of worms that the NFL doesn’t want to deal with

  127. T.O is right. Case shut, packed & shipped!! Go Saints!!

  128. God bless the raiders

  129. T.O. is so on point family. Why would put wording in a book and not use it, because it’s all a show and the league doesn’t care who wins or how they win.

  130. Shannon acting like a lame , WHO DAT 4LIFE

  131. If they throw they flag they can just review the play

  132. Give T.O a job!

  133. IDEA: remove the pass interference rule entirely, and to counter, OL can hold. There’s too many dumb rules in football

  134. Here’s the video TO is talking about

    Looks pretty convincing that the ref was about to call the PI but was adamantly told not to. I’m a Rams fan too, and I”m thrilled they’re going to the Super Bowl. What I’m not thrilled about is if they win, EVERYONE and their moms will view the win as illegitimate.

  135. “I don’t have a dog in the fight” is not a saying an NFL player should be saying after Michael Vick

  136. WELL SAID T.O.100%

  137. Man dont act like the Saints didn’t got away with some bollshit no calls either. Goff got face masked while trying to scramble to the endzone & they didnt call that.

  138. They can’t play the game over its to much money involved

  139. There’s no question it was the worst call in a big game of all time. What really drives fans crazy is they call interference so often on virtually nothing but a little contact. This was so bad but it happens and even though it was bad I thought the Saints played recklessly in the OT especially blitzing there corners when they had extra DB’S in, Goff was just dumping it off to his tight end who nobody was picking up. Saints got robbed but no I dont think it should be played over, its life i mean sometimes people get it wrong and on that day the ref’s did but its time to move on.

  140. Listen the official THAT WOULD HAVE thrown that flag would have been a target for death threats, the refs were looking at eachother like who’s gona throw that thang first after 10 sec they was like fk it No Call

  141. Give T.O a permanent spot on Undisputed. This is great TV

  142. dude could of pick that ball off instead of cleaning him like that, he saw the ball n he was in position to make that int, he simply just panicked n cleant him, rams should of took that L n had a talk with theyre DBs

  143. What about the 4 calls on the Saints that weren’t called? These were the 2 facemasks, 1 delay of game on Taysom Hill TD, and Cameron Jordon stepping on Goff’s head.

  144. What rules

  145. Where the fucc was this rule at in the Tucc Rule game? That’s right…TB12 was born

  146. What’s the point of having a rule that’s never going to be implemented to begin with?

    • Alan Catano natural disaster some sort of maintenances issue at stadium or some sort of tragic event

  147. Throw the flag, saints take knees and kick the field goal. Game over! They for sure got to implement replay on flags in the last 2 mins of a game.

  148. Sucks that it happens but if we gonna start replaying plays saints win last year, dallas beats green bay after dez catches it etc… let this be a turning of a new leaf of holding refs accountable now

  149. T.O. is right on this one…….replay the last 2 min of the game

  150. 10:27 proves he wasn’t dippin and dodgin

  151. The Patriots should sign T.O for next year !. Owens would have to shorten his game up by about 10 or 15 yards , so Brady could get the ball to him on time. The results would be magnificent !. Belichick would create a role for T.O. , and Terrell would be mature enough now to accept it. I believe T.O can no doubt still play. He has obviously matured , and i hear he stays in tremendous shape. Brady and Owens would prove that the NFL ain’t just for the young guy’s .

  152. what Tom Brady does better than any other quarterback is kiss his son on the mouth.

  153. 0:40 lol Shannon’s reaction

  154. so much ignorance

  155. T.O Makes Valid Points ..What’s the point of a law or rule if it’s not being used

  156. Replaying games football games? Always talkin about people getting soft. Suck it up it happens

  157. Definitely the saints got robbed. But bounty gate robbed Brett Farve and the Vikings so I don’t feel sorry for New Orleans.

  158. TO I am on your side. TO has the total sense.

  159. Never listen to Lebron James fan…..

  160. If I was him ” let’s play weds and be ready for the superbowl” but get it right

  161. There was actually two blown calls cause it was definitely a helmet to helmet too so it makes it doubly worst cause a flag should’ve been thrown for either helmet to helmet or pi

  162. Shannon sound like the person who would of told kap not to kneel no more ….. the right is right and the wrong is wrong

  163. michael vick has a dog in the fight

  164. TO , ED and Dion are the most likeable enjoyable guests on this show. Besides having a ton of charisma, they make sense.

  165. TO is on dope.

  166. Better than first take

  167. when skip says this is the worst blown call in sports history, he clearly didn’t hear about or see Maradonas goal vs England in 1986 world cup

  168. TO killed it, its in the rules for reason it was one if not the worst calls in sports history that directly impacted the game 6!! officials. The Tuck rule was not invited by Brady it was a rule, bad rule and they changed just like the catch rule. Its very bad they found out the ref that stop the flag being thrown is from LA. It already looks like the ref had special interest$$ and they are going investigate it.

  169. Y is it in there tho

  170. Wait! Are people really suggesting to play the game over again? Lmao. The same game the Saints had a chance of winning AFTER the missed call.
    The same game where the defense could have held the Rams to avoid OT?
    The same game where the Saints got the ball first in OT and Brees choked and threw a interception?
    This is not serious? This is just a hot topic and media running with it. After the lights go off on this show they have to all be laughing.

  171. I agree with T.O Shannon Sharpe acting like he play for the Rams

  172. “Dude Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder saw this play”

    I died the first time i heard it

  173. The Rams should just tell the Saints to pull up to the arena and they play the last two minutes,they get the ball first.

  174. Jenny’s fishing for a invite.

  175. So shannon gonna keep ignoring the fact that a possible rematch is IN THE RULEBOOK

  176. This is not the first time a blown call changed things. Remember when MJ retired. And Scottie lead the Bulls to a 55-27 record. Turning BJ Armstrong and Horace Grant to all stars for their first time? They faced Knicks in a game 7 and Scottie got called for a foul when a guy was shooting a 3. That what cost them the game. Thing was Scottie never fouled dude. Scottie was going to the finals without MJ. Let that sink in.

  177. Stop reading my mind skip. Lol

  178. It’s rigged clearly .

  179. Human? Imperfect? Man get on with that Bull Shannon. “Don’t do that”

  180. Did the non-call take points away from the Saints? No, therefore, the non-call was not outcome determinative.

  181. They hate to love me

  182. Skip ✂️

  183. I saw the foul from the UK.

  184. T.o was on the money today. Shannon was Making excuses like a coward

  185. If the roles were reversed, would the saints, and they’re fans want the game to be replayed?

  186. This was no mistake or a missed call. No NFL referee is that blind or stupid!!! It was intentional.
    Of the three nearest referees to the most obvious pass interference in NFL history, two of the referees live in Los Angeles and the third once played w the Rams. What part of “hand picked” are we missing?
    Oh, and by the way, the refs already have on the right wardrobe for the robbery they’ve committed

  187. I dont see them replaying anything from this game whats done is done. but you should tweek the rules so that 1, the ref who missed the call is fired. 2, change the rules so that you should get a challenge once a game just for bad calls or no calls which force the refs to review it with new york to see if it was a BLATANT and OBVIOUS call/nocall/missed call. and 3, start fining the refs for bad or missed calls and watch how fast they start having eagle eyes.

  188. Colin Cowherd brings up the facemask on Goff. If we restart the game to make it fair, start it with the rams first and goal after the facemask

  189. The NFL is pushing the Rams because they just moved and need fans and LA is a big market potentially. Might have even been refs rigging the game tbh

  190. Roger Goodell didn’t follow or enforce the rules when the Rams left St. Louis, he seems to have a place for that team in LA in his heart or his wallet (New nfl hq)

  191. Missed calls happen, teams prepare for that. If the missed call happens in the 1st quarter it’s not a problem. They should’ve been better prepared.

  192. I agree with TO. It’s there for a reason. But Shannon is right.

  193. Haha. The Rams pulled out a victory under extreme conditions, and Jared Goff was the better Qb that day. The Saints got away with a few no-calls on plays, and so did the Rams, but after the Big no call, the Saints took the lead and their defense couldn’t keep it. In OT the refs gave the Saints a phantom PI for a first down, but Brees made a horrible interception. If the Rams win the Superbowl, there will be an asterick next to it, but only for youngest coach to have won it.

  194. Shannon just hates Terrell’s ear rings

  195. where’s the link to the vid dat TO was talkin about?

  196. T.O is actually a really likable person

  197. C’mon Shannon.You are embarrassing yourself my man.

  198. TO IS AN IDIOT . First the commish is barred from commenting on officiating calls. The play was not a game winning play. It was a missed call happens all the time


  200. NFL is fake

  201. betting and NFL = fake football

  202. I wonder what they’d charge for tickets if they replayed it from the time of the missed foul(s)?

  203. You can’t say “what if the Saints missed the FG” as an argument when they actually already made the FG. You’re going to argue that the guy is going to miss the FG cause there are 100 seconds less on the clock?

  204. The saints loss. Because they got beat. They suck. Get over it move on. First the Minnesota miracle then the no call. They are cursed. Get used to it. The saints are trash and so is LSU. Roll damn Tide. Go lakers.

  205. Calling for a replay is pathetic. It’s unlucky but literally every sport has blown calls, just suck it up and deal with it

  206. This Man TO is a clown!.!

  207. TO needs a show !!!

  208. What if they would of scored if the call was made Americans assume to much.

  209. Shay sharpe you TURRIBLE!

  210. The end of the Patriots and Raiders was worse. Not the tuck rule. The “roughing the passer” one https://youtu.be/UjQ3mVZQl1U.

  211. Not even the saints above can save the saints LUL

  212. Idk why everybody is scoffing at rule number 17 in the nfl playbook as TO said its in the rulebook for a reason i dont expect a rematch or them to replay the last 2 mins of that game but they made up rules for brady i.e. the tuck rule so idk why its such a big deal its in the freakin rulebook

  213. The call did suck yes….. but lets be real here. The Saints got beaten…the better team won the game…. the saints are solid, but boring…… sort of like the patriots…. but not quite as polished and “good”. But as a NFL fan who’s team was eliminated pre-post season…. I am not mad or glad the saints lost, but the Rams are a more exciting team and are going to be more entertaining team to watch vs the patriots….. and yes the call SUCKS, but replaying even ONE DOWN, quarter,minute,second, play, of a game other than the very MOMENT the challenge flag comes out, u gotta accept it and move forward. That is the real reason the NFL exists. Even if its not fair, blown, worked out badly, but that is the job of the NFL…. to be the FINAL decision. and the rules are adequate enough now. We can not allow the public, the fans, the coaches to decide things like this. THis is where T.O. Is wrong, even tho the call is wrong, it is still better for the integrity of the league to MOVE FORWARD….or from now on out, nobody will ever accept the results, results will be decided later…. etc….which is bs..

  214. Rams only won cause they scored more points than the saints smh

  215. Yea true pass interference
    what about the inception?
    Good D on Breeze
    Main Question & point.
    What about n 1st quarter when the guy dropped T.D at beginning of Game?

  216. TO, the reason why the ref told the other ref to eat his flag is because the NFL is an entertainment reality show that is, for the most part, scripted.

  217. Shannon if that was LeBron James no call u would’ve been all over the NFL league..asking for playing the game all over again

  218. Saints had another chance to win the game. Missed call, but stop discrediting the rams. Any other player would have intercepted that pass anyways

  219. That chick with her head down trying to ignore the conversation and Shannon getting paid to lie for his fake and Rigged NFL… PRO SPORTS IS RIGGED…STOP WATCHING IT

  220. So why not review plays like this in last 2 mins of game? NFL has become so soft! Like that roughing the passer call on Brady ! Calls like this makes head to watch!!!!

  221. It was a completely blown call or no call BUT weren’t the Saints up 13-0 and 20-10???? The Saints were up 23-20 and had the ball first in OT, so there was still opportunities for the Saints to win, if you wanna replay the game then call all the play back from the Tuck Rule game and replay that, as players you have to work through missed calls

  222. If the ref calls that as pass interference, that’s 1st and 5. Saints easily score.

  223. Undisputed > First Take

  224. TO is absolutely right! It’s in the rulebook for reasons such as this. Everyone in America knows a flag should’ve been thrown. It don’t matter what other missed calls there were during that game. The Saints were robbed plain and simple. Goodell has the power to do something about it.

  225. T.O is right on this one….if its in the rule book, that’s only right

  226. Dang, I love Terrell

  227. I love T. O. Always have always will….

  228. In the CFL they call replay pass interference plays

  229. rams need money for the new stadium lol

  230. I bet If it was a similar incident in basketball and Lebron was involved to go to the finals, Shannon would’ve defended his guy 100%

  231. Shannon usually seems more sane than Skip but he is clueless here

  232. Terrell Owens is right

  233. Saints had a chance to win in OT and they didn’t.

  234. I wouldn’t replay the game ever. But make DPI, Defensive holding, and Offensive PI all reviewable.

  235. I feel sorry for Skip, the entire conversation T.O only kept eye contact with Shannon. He clearly ignored Skip and somewhat ignored even Jenny.

  236. T.O was a long time 49er and his best years were wasted going up against the rival Rams and the Greatest Show on Turf.. so there’s animosity there. Skip is a Cowboys fan who has never had any love for the Rams from the long history both teams have against each other. Both these guys are just salty haters

  237. Terrell Owen’s need to watch this talking about rules and laws. Saints are cheaters and they intentionally hurt players watch this https://youtu.be/tJLqcWtdfbQ bunch of are losers. Karma!!!!!

    • Stop hating ! It is what it is !

    • +Kreig Collier exactly stop hating on the rams it is what is is.

  238. The Rams didn’t have Cooper Kupp their best receiver and Todd Gurley their best offensive player.. somehow the Saints allowed them to tie the game after being up 13 nothing and then 20-10 then of course the Rams tied the game again on the final drive.. I mean it’s ridiculous that they blame one call to decide an entire game when they were simply out played after the 1st quarter

    • That’s not the point !

  239. Shout out to TO. He silenced Sharpe.

  240. Brady will be playing until 45 years old

  241. shannon is stupid asf saints got robbed

  242. Even if they got the call, they still would have had to score a touchdown. Who’s to say the rams wouldnt have stopped them on the goal line? To say that the blown call directly caused the Saints to lose is an exaggeration

  243. Thumbs up if you think the refs INTENTIONALLY missed the call

  244. T.O. is my new favorite voice in sports talk. He’s not afraid to speak his true opinion. Congratulations T.O. I salute you for skipping the Hall of Fame ceremony!

  245. The NFL ia fixed and the refs makes calls that well help the other team win

  246. IF someone review this non-call, they have to do this since the beginning of the season. Because maybe they won’t be the same teams to go to playoffs then.

  247. The Saints got the ball in OT, Brees threw a pic, Rams scored. End of story. Save the tears for the Federal workers. It’s just football

  248. Does T.O really think the NFL will allow the Rams and Saints to redo the game?

  249. They want to replay the game…fine. But go back to the previous drive where the Rams had the ball in the redzone and Goff got facemasked and no flag was thrown. Because if the Rams got 7 the Saints would have to have gotten a TD on their final drive, and I don’t think they would have had a chance.

    Blown calls are part of the game, and in a game of inches where TDs are at a premium who’s to say one play is not as important as another. There’s a whole butterfly effect that could happen from 1 blown call in the 1st quarter, and that’s why a game has never been replayed, because every team would be appealing to the commissioner for every lost game.

  250. Skip questions TO
    TO answers Shannon

  251. TO speaks TRUUTTHHH

  252. My mans is almost in tears

  253. I would wanna ask TO one thing cuz I damn sure knows he knows football lol
    Who’s the best football team in the NFC? Rams by a lot
    Who’s in the Super Bowl? Rams
    Nuff said bro

  254. Only reason Saints had that home field cuz they had a home game vs the rams that one game in the season lol. Rams would smash them at home

  255. Jenny looks a lot better then her first days y’all can thank me for that

  256. T.O right tho

  257. Game over 100 years from now that’s all that matters

  258. Shannon Sharpe defending Roger Goodell???!!!

  259. For MONEY perposes, the NFL wants LA in the superbowl. The NFL is becoming boxing…

  260. No matter what, Patriots are getting the win because the fix is in to get his sixth ring

  261. But don’t let this distract you from the Eagals secondary quarterback Fole’s beat Tom Brady the rest of the Patriots and the REFS in last year’s Superbowl

  262. Shannon’s my dude but what’s he talking about??

  263. Give them 2 quartes

  264. Half a game

  265. Or just one

  266. Anything

  267. It’s a Friday and we still talking about it……. Hmmmmm wonder y

  268. Do people forget Drew brees threw a pic in overtime???

  269. I’m siding with Shay Sharpe on this one… There have been calls throughout the history of the regular season that haven’t been made… What’s the difference?

  270. In light of this historical issue of UNFAIR circumstances, it would behoove the NFL to consider a drastic overhaul of it’s officiating system.
    One would ask: How is that possible? Or what sort of modifications would I propose? Do I even have a plausible surrogate to the current and ever standing means of policing NFL contests?
    To these people I would say: Yes I most certainly do…
    But first I would like to preface my concept by pointing out the obvious; Besides the 20 players who were on the feild for that play, not named Tommylee Lewis or Nickel Robey-Coleman 6 gentlemen wearing striped shirts had the absolute best vantage point. The optimum position to observe, consider and decide. While 1, or 2 or maybe even 3 of the striped shirt men had a better view than the others, the fact cannot be debated that a minimum of 2 of them were the absolute nearest living sets of eyeballs to the incident in question. If asked of any of the other 20 human beings closest to the incident: “What did you see?” …Depending on what color shirt they were wearing, the responses wouldn’t be understandably biased and not permissable as factual.

    So with all this taken into account, it is mind boggling to me, how no one sees the glaringly numb stupidity of it all.

    12 presumably clear and objective eyes could not see what millions upon MILLIONS SAW ON TV.

    THAT is my solution to to the problem… The NFL creates a casting call of sorts. Send out invitations to people interested in being part of the new revolutionary way of officiating NFL games. Through a weeding process much like attorneys conducting jury selection, a regiment of objective, unbiased US citizens are paid hansomly to sit in 33 sound proof and individual cubicles during NFL games with each a 42 in. high definition television. 11 with defensive end zone view of the entire field. ,11 with the same view from the offensive side and 11 with a view from the line of scrimmage.
    A CONSENSUS majority or at least 6 of the 11 person detachment needed to administer a penalty of yardage or score negation for any and all violation of applied RULES.
    Defensive end zone viewers are responsible for pass interference, defensive holding and determining completed passes. Offensive view determine holding and/ or any violation committed by offensive lineman anrunning backs.

    A four person group of ON FIELD officials are provided to carry out any and all physical and/ or mechanical criteria associated with conducting a football game in a timely manner. Such as retrieving and placing balls ready for play. etc

    I could elaborate further, but that is the basic concept.

    So go ahead and laugh or degrade my design for a BETTER NFL officiating system. But do me one better and BEAT MY IDEA….I’m waiting.

  271. Re play-Re play
    Boycott Super Bowl….

  272. The rule is there because of the wars any reason outside of football that that call wasn’t made, like a bet or something of that manner the commissioner could go back and overturn a game but in order for that to happen there would have to be more than one call and from the relays the rams missed out on more calls than the saints

  273. T.O. not talkin about that the blown facemask call or the delay of game on brees, so which play do we play from?

  274. So nobody is going to talk about the horrible roughing the passer call against the Kansas City chiefs ijs

  275. Terrell is an idiot.

  276. 2:40 SKEEEEEP

  277. Sadly it was too late to reply the Saints-Rams “Missed Call” final 8 minute moment mostly because of the betting line and Superbowl ticket sales. What a mess!

  278. IMO the tuck fumble play between the Patriots and Raiders is the worst play


  280. To Shannon Sharpe: The Saints would likely have run out the clock to end and win the game if the penalty had been called.

  281. They have been doing these things for year…..

  282. The NFL had a dog in the game! They don’t want the Patriots to face The Saints!

  283. This could fuin football

  284. As a diehard Saints fan, this call was so bad to the point that it’s criminal. Yes, we will get over it and move on but the continued silence of the league further questions the integrity of the league and it’s officials. The commish should’ve gotten in front of this a day or 2 after the game. Of course the NFL will not replay the game and our critics keep saying to get over the call but this one call impacted the game to the point that it actually changed history. Had this been the 3rd or 4th game of the regular season then so be it and you move on BUT this call impacted the 2 SB participants. Plus, like TO said the video in question does exist of the ref stopping the other ref from throwing a flag. Also of the officiating crew, 1 ref lives in LA and 1 ref actually played for the Rams. How does the NFL allow these 2 refs to call this game?? But it’s over and done with as far as I’m concerned.

    On the Pats/Chiefs, i’m sick and tired of hearing about the OT rules are unfair. When OT was “sudden death, 1st team scores wins” everybody wanted the rules changed. So the Competition Committee (which is made up of owners & coaches) changed the rules. All KC’s defense had to make was make a stop and they didn’t…..TWICE. NE drove the ball down the field for the game tying FG and then drove the ball 80 yds in OT to win the game. I don’t care how many pts your offense can score, at some point your defense has to make a stop. Go back and look at the video of the OT coin flip. When the Pats won the flip and took the ball Andy Reid put his head down. He never that Brady was about to cut their throat. Until KC fixes that putrid defense they will continue to give up game winning drives.

  285. Goff got face masked and it wasnt called in the red zone. And brees had another chance and threw a pick. Cry more

  286. Sorry Shannon…I love you but the others are right on this one

  287. Wtf Shannon talkin bout

  288. Shannon Sharp is dumb as a bag of rocks.. always arguing for the sake of arguing

  289. This was not only a solid segment but a historic one.

  290. as bad as this was i honestly believe the superbowl with ravens vs 49ers was worst, michael crabtree was interfered with twice on their final drive at the goaline on 1st down and 4th down two no calls

  291. Shannon needs to go sit down

  292. Tom Brady is about as interesting right now as watching paint dry!

  293. I disagree with shannon here

  294. Im with Shannon. How many games have had botched calls? I of course as a Steelers fan so fondly remember our TD taken away against the Patriots that now made crossing the goal line with just the ball a TD. It is a dangerous precedent to set about replaying games. Logically, they couldve stopped the game at that point and had Goddell involved. The fact is regardless of what happened, the Saints still had the chance to stop the Rams from scoring the FG, and couldve not turned over the ball in OT to let the Rams win. Whos to say that they replay this game the Rams wont win? Just get over it already

  295. If it was the possible game winning play then it should be replayed. But there was too much game after to call

  296. T.O. u my guy but u been part of a blown call 2002 San Francisco 49ers vs New York Giants the blown snap

  297. Can anyone else see skip slowly coming around and liking owens again?

  298. TO wildin

  299. It’s Not the first bad call and I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be the last…..and they are not replaying the game come on be serious…

  300. aints

  301. The NFL should also have a REVIEW CENTER just like the NBA. Horrible call it should definitely be the SAINTS and PATS the best TWO TEAMS in the SUPERBOWL.

  302. we going to talk about why the saints were even throwing the ball anyway on that drive when they got in field goal range? without dumb play calling there isn’t a pass to have PI…. it shoulda been called, but the saints shouldn’t have been so stupid to pass the ball in the first place (prior to the play in question).

  303. I can’t watch that play till this day

  304. Come play in New Orleans.

  305. Does anyone actually have respect for TO. His personality was a disgrace to the NFL when he played.

  306. Now I love Shannon but if he would’ve been playing and this happen to his team imagine his reaction

  307. I love me some Shannon Sharpe, I agree with 99.9 % of the things he says or sides with
    but he is totally wrong on this one I mean c’mon Shannon really when everyone in the entire world
    saw this and it wasn’t even close. in a weird kind of way it seems like he’s trying to keep the leagues
    image intact. kinda strange.

  308. for years I’ve always heard the the NBA is rigged or fixed. dont want to here that anymore after watching this non-call

  309. why does roger goodell make more money than most players and coaches? dude is evil.



  310. KD would be an idiot to leave the warriors

  311. T O needs his own show

  312. In the OT on the pass play that was picked, Fowler hit Brees in the facemask, no flag. The game had blatant missed calls that gave the rams the game. There were 4 refs who have ties to the rams, 1 of them was a former Rams player. It was unacceptable reffing. Period.

  313. I like TO here