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  1. If we select drew lock he will be a huge bust he is nothing special weak arm ok accuracy and not mobile

    • NyGiantsforLife 13/26 Drew Lock has the strongest arm in the class but keep acting like you know something.

    • Chris Longwood yeh I’ve seen him play kyler arm is exponentially better Dwayne as well and maybe will grier

    • NyGiantsforLife 13/26 I guess you do the Birdbox Challenge when you watch then huh

    • Chris Longwood let’s see how good he is in a year

    • NyGiantsforLife 13/26 Wtf are you talking about Drew Lock has the strongest arm in this draft class stfu. Stop acting like your a analyst stupid fuck.

    • He would have the best coaching And would develop nicely

    • He has the strongest arm in the class lol

    • NyGiantsforLife 13/26 Oh I don’t want him but you’re talking complete nonsense right now.

    • NyGiantsforLife 13/26 weak arm ? Lmao just be quiet your making yourself look like a fool

  2. I wouldn’t mind that pick up, accurate and a strong arm, I like

    • RedNinjaEntertainment GamingTv his arm is not strong

    • Accurate???? With a career average 56% at Missouri???

  3. He’s a more accurate Josh Allen

  4. Nick foles would be a terrible pickup good luck paying 20m for 14ppg and teddy b best year he had 14 td

    • NyGiantsforLife 13/26 i would not sign either would be a waste

  5. I feel like corner is the second most needed for the giants

    • Who

    • QB and oline

  6. I’m high on him mainly because of his big arm, his athleticism, and he played against SEC defenses. I wouldn’t mind Haskins or Murray either. But like you said, lets wait until the senior bowl and the NFL combine

  7. Hi I wait gettleman do his job like last year keep quiet and pick the best available player Gmen 4life

    • Yes we need quarterback yes we need offensive tackle yes we need pass-rushers and yes we need secondary help best player available and some new coaches to help the players to make the game better

  8. Ron u should take a look at Haskins breaking down film. It was very impressive to see his knowledge of the game and how great the chemistry he has with his teammates on the field.

  9. I like Drew Lock more than Haskins. Haskins reminds me of Jamarcus Russell and Byron Leftwich. We need a play maker. Drew Lock is definitely that

  10. i personally dont want him because he is inconsistent would prefer haskins

  11. I like haskins Murray and jones more than I like lock tbh.

  12. Murray would be a excellent pick up..Will Grier from West Virginia another QB to look at he’s good as well

    • Murray is barely 5’9″ tall.

  13. Just draft HASKINS!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Drew lock in the third round would a lock if he is there

    • We don’t have a third round pick

  15. You never know what could happen but whatever does let’s be supportive and calm

    • Positive vibes

  16. It’s a low key pick it would be great for him to ease in

  17. Love the videos

  18. Step daddy ronefect

  19. No Drew Lock is trash

  20. What about the guy from duke

  21. What about the Qb of duke

    • He is good but not as good as Lock does not have quick release Lock has.

  22. Not if he doesn’t learn progressions and doesn’t STARE down receivers when HE throws

    Its Haskins or nothing till 2020

    • Haskins the only QB looks to me like a first-rounder; Lock played his 4th year at Missou and could only get his team to somethin like 7or8 wins/5 losses, couldn’t play into Heisman competition- that’s not 1st-rnd pedigree; Haskins body movements/control, and release are much quicker than Lock, and significantly faster than JaMarcusRussell and Leftwich who he’s mistakenly compared to

    • Kev B lol don’t rate QBs based on whether they were in the Heisman race or not that doesn’t translate to the NFL based on statistics & plenty of good QBs come from teams in college that aren’t great overall so just bc someone was on a 7-5 team & didnt go 14-0 every year like Bama doesn’t mean they’re bad

    • Lock has it. But hes not as polished as Haskins. Giants shouldn’t

      And BOTH him and Haskins are both not day 1 ready but Haskins has more polish

      Lock has a stronger stronger arm (J Allen BUF)

    • +Kev B I enjoy that Haskins READS defenses AND GOES THROUGH his progressions

      More polished!

    • Jeffrey Abbey I think Haskins is a better fit & I love that he wants to be a Giant but I think Lock has a higher ceiling bc his arm is absolutely insane if he can get coached up properly from a mental aspect at the QB position he can be REALLY good

  23. No no no no no no no no no. Ron. No. No no no no no no no no.

  24. Fuck no

  25. Rather will Grier than lock

  26. I say get the top OL

  27. Murray or wait for West Virginia kid.

    • Will grier

  28. Lock I hope so .Pat Shurmur would make him so much better

    • So you don’t think shurmur would make Haskins better??

    • Yeah

    • Edgar Ramirez yeah but A team will trade up and reach for him. Most kik the Jags because Tom coughing wants to make sure the giants don’t get Dwayne Haskins.

  29. I’ll take him in the 2nd round he got a gun!

  30. Drew lock hell of an arm but inaccurate as fuck he is a less athletic version of Josh Allen from last year’s draft

  31. Lock has a nice quick release.

  32. Tua? Not worth it?

  33. I’m calling my shot now. Daniel Jones

  34. I like Drew lock

  35. Nope. Lock is going to Denver.

  36. Look at Brett Rypien I think he is the second best behind Haskins

  37. Lock would be a nice addition to keep that same momentum . Haskins might have something that the Giants need. But the staff has the teams interest/needs in mind. I think Haskins has a nice arm and can scramble along w/ Barkley or stretch the opponents defense. Thanks Roneffect keep it up!

  38. Don’t forget Grier from West Virginia he look like mayfield type

  39. who is Drew lock?

  40. Gettleman will make the right pick he always does look at his track record

  41. Need better corners hopefully Sam Beal is good

    • Bobby Night a lot of people forgot about him. I’m really excited to see him play this season.

    • Father Saquon I am too

    • We don’t get better corners we will be the same team next season.

  42. Hell no… It’s haskins or D period. Other qb’s ain’t worth a first round pick

    • Honestly I couldn’t agree more.

  43. Second round…. Maybe

  44. I really like Haskins too and I don’t think they should pick up any corners because we still have Sam Beal coming back from injury and grant Haley is really good at nickel.

  45. I hope we get Kyler. He is so exciting. Can you imagine him on our team?? WOW from boring to explosive …

  46. Ron, just my opinion. I’m a South Carolina Gamecocks born and raise. They play Missouri every year since they join the SEC. Drew Lock sucks bro.

  47. Murray is best fit for giants defensive wont be able to know who to guard. Murray, barkley ,obj ,engram unstoppable. Plus if we hv a running quarterback it helps our shaky oline

  48. I don’t want this slow ass cracker! Give us Murray….

  49. Im still on the draft a pass rusher boat. I want a guy thats going to be getting 10 sacks a year easy.

    • Just so u know von miller’s identical twin won’t be found in this draft.

  50. Noti gang

  51. Thanks for your videos whenever I wanna know something about the giants I automatically think of roneffect. Keep doing what you doin man

  52. If Gettleman thinks that’s his guy fine. He nailed his picks last year rounds 1 to 4 for the most part.

  53. Word idc who it is, if they can help the Giants win football games that’s good enough for me. We understandably get too caught up in this stuff sometimes

  54. Dude arm is and release speed is serious I like him more than the others. Don’t think he will make it to the 2nd rd.

    • You are right unless they can move up ahead of New England they love him may use there first round maybe trade up from 2nd round.

  55. I enjoy that QB Haskins READS defenses AND GOES THROUGH his progressions on his game tape

    Looks like a polished less risk QB to groom a year. Behind #10 too. Not to bad not to bad

  56. D Lock isn’t bad. Just will have to work on more than Haskins will@ this point.

    Haskins is polished. Best QB in the draft this year

    And as for Murray he has a leg up due to his running ability but lot of risk with him

  57. When you get a chance look up Tyree Jackson QB for the University of Buffalo

  58. Lets hope not

  59. plax likes haskins.

  60. i dont think we should take any QB honestly. we need pass rushers desperately and this is the draft to get one. shit we have 11 picks and i’d go all out and try to trade up for Bosa.

  61. Man’s got a nice throw

  62. They disrespected my son drew

  63. Nah I’d rather Dwayne Haskins since he is the best quarterback in this draft

  64. is he the next patrick mahomes?

  65. I mean ppl said Russel Wilson was too short. Murray would be a good pickup but i still think Haskins is the best QB. It would be cool to see the Giants to have a black QB.

  66. Drew Lock is a high potential player, maybe more raw than the other qbs, similar to Patrick mahomes in 2017. Pat Shurmur should be able to get the most out of lock similar to how Andy Reid got the most out mahomes. But I’m sure Lock would have to meet some requirements.

  67. I just want Dwayne haskins

  68. We can probably sign Daryl William’s a RT that was drafted by David gettelman

  69. Dwayne Haskins plays good against top defenses and is a winner on the other hand I don’t see Drew Lock having that fight and leadership to win

  70. His arm is disgusting. He can throw laser beams from anywhere. But i don’t know much else about him.

  71. Giants need a quarterback

  72. Bruh I sure wonder if it was our team who asked him about cheating on a maths test in 9th grade. WHO HAS NOT CHEATED ON A MATHS TEST IN THEY LIFE LOL

      But who was dumb enough to get caught?

  73. We also need a decent backup RB for Barkley, because when he comes out the game for a rest we almost get little to no production from the current backup RBs on the roster

  74. No Drew Lock. Haskins is the guy. Enough Said!!!!

  75. I want Andrew Lock to play for the Giants

  76. The kid has a cannon, I would love for the Giants to pick Lock

  77. If Jones or Grier are available round 4 Giants should grab one. Don’t think we have a 3rd rounder. Maybe Giants give up 2 later round picks to get a 3rd rounder. We have 12 picks.

  78. A Ron I like the way Drew Lock throws the ball I like his deep ball and accuracy also his IQ For the game of football he is a Leader something different. Dwayne Haskins looks great to I like him as well nice with his accuracy deep ball is great so they both can stay in the pocket even if getting hit so we will see but a Ron watch Drew lock highlights

  79. A quarterback without arm strength is like a boxer with no punching power. They can’t deliver the knockout blow which in football is the deep ball. Lock makes the Giants offense crazy dangerous. We have the best receiver in football all you have to do is throw it deep and Beckham will catch it.

  80. I think the Giants should probably pick up a quarterback in the 4th or 5th. We could draft Clelin Ferell a monster pass rusher if available at #6 and for the 2nd round maybe Nasir Adderley an excellent safety if he falls. RT could be addressed in FA (Daryl Williams) and Center we bring back Jon Halapio.