Blown call in Saints’ loss to Rams needs to result in changes – Dan Orlovsky| Get Up

New Orleans Saints

Blown call in Saints’ loss to Rams needs to result in changes – Dan Orlovsky| Get Up


  1. Dan Orlovsky is really Nick Lachey.

  2. Remember 2009 Saints. Karma is a bitch.

  3. Completely agree with you! Awful calls took the air out of N.O. at that point and it carried.

  4. What about that face mask on the Saints that was never called.

  5. Or that pass interference on the Saints that wasn’t called.

  6. Cray me a river. Rams fans could whine about the 3-4 face masks that werent called. Cuckboy

    • Thank you. Nobody constantly replays and talks about those missed calls

  7. Stuff like this happens to the lions all the time and goes unnoticed but if it happens to anyone else it’s all over the media. Smh

  8. Stop saying the saints were robbed cause of one call .Refs missed 5 calls against the saints . 2 delay of games and facemasks and one person foul

    • Ditto, the refs got off of the bus with the Rams. So who is paying off the refs. for the Super Bowl with two of the biggest cheating teams in the league.

  9. Why is it that every single person that watched the game, in the stadium and on TV at home saw pass interference. Even in real time it was obvious. He never looked back for the ball, led with his helmet, and made the hit when the ball was still 5yds away. Yet somehow not one of the officials saw it. BS, and now the entire league is a joke after the calls Brady was getting on his last regulation time drive. Like the mystery roughing the passer call, and a neutral zone infraction where a Chief lined up a quarter of an inch on the line. I’m not a fan of either of the four teams, but two of them got robbed.

  10. I’m a niner fan but saints got robbed

  11. Ok guys, let’s fire refs who miss every single fucking penalty because apparently the crowd wont accept a simple miss. Great job guys, we are headed to a new era.

  12. Oh well. I loved seeing Sean Peyton loose his shit. Classless fan base.

  13. Rams had a few no call pass interferences

  14. Blown calls at least 4 Rats vs Chiefs!!!

  15. Not to mention there were 2 referees within 10 feet of the play and not one of them bothered to toss a flag. SMH sad day for football

  16. its a blown call, don’t make new rules for just one call….sheesh

  17. I’m a CFL scout assistant and we review pi, illegal contact and it works perfectly.

    I’ve always thought the only reason they don’t adopt the same is because they don’t want to hear “You copied the CFL.” And will take that as someone saying they know better than you. I think it is just a pride thing with the NFL and that is above ridiculous because if anything, people would think that is pretty smart to adopt a new rule that will save things from happening like this.

    I’m actually a Rams fan and don’t like the fact that this is how this game will be remembered.

  18. We shouldn’t need to review every penalty bc the league touts it has reliable and highly trained refs in order to avoid that. Apparently reliable and highly trained are suspect.

  19. Zachary Hubbard germantria effect on YouTube he predicted rams vs brady since November sports is rigged

  20. The NFL got what they wanted… East coast vs West coast Superbowl…

  21. So many ram haters So everyone is gonna ignore the bad officiating towards them as well ? Fuck outta here

  22. I’m from the London, UK , just gonna say, FUCK KRONKE, that is all.

  23. “Letting them play” doesnt mean you turn a blind eye to the rules of the game.
    If there was a definition or play on PI, that would be it. That was textbook interference. The defender admitted he went for penalty to avoid TD.
    How the fuck they don’t call that makes the game a complete joke.

  24. Shame on you Dan Orlovsky!!!! Old people starting at 50!, I hope you get fired and called senile in a couple of years…….You “me too generation” piece of crap

  25. Old officials have experience. Young officials would make more mistakes. The NFL discriminates against black coaches now they can discriminate based on age….

  26. I’m not even a Saints fan and that non PI call was BS.

  27. Lol the zebras stole the game

  28. They need to give the saint’s and ram’s a rematch game. The world now that that was wrong on so many levels. This game was for the saint’s and it was stolen away that one game changed so many lives. I say we need to come to geather and figure out the saint and the rams gone get a rematch game for that super bowl spot

  29. Such a bad call makes me wonder if the fix is on. Now we have two teams in the Super Bowl that are dirty. Same thing in KC roughing the passer call was B.S. Time to decide which movie to watch this year when the Super Bowl in on. Roger and Kraft have probably already decided who is going to win.

  30. Add sky drones as refs we see more on tv then they do

  31. I felt like the Saints had the best chance of beating the Pats. There really is no point watching the SB now

  32. It can’t be rigged AND the refs are incompetent at the same time guys. You have to pick one.

  33. I’m glad the World knows that the Saints were cheated out of the game! Utter Disgrace!

  34. News Flash: “Referees make mistakes!” Saints don”t want to whine over this non-called pass interference. Game-changing mishaps occur by both players and referees. It could be argued the ball may not have been caught anyway. It was thrown on the inside. Besides, it’s the champions who know how to recover and overcome defeat! NFL rules will continue to change and improve. They can change the rule for next year to allow replay reviews only on controversial calls which can be red flag challenged and only during the last two championship games. I don’t think anyone would have a problem with such a rule change nor would this new rule have an impact on the product of these two games.

  35. Well this will be the first time I’ll be rooting for the Patriots in the Super Bowl because the Rams don’t belong there.

  36. Someone needs to explain that it is ILLEGAL to fire/not hire someone because they are old.

    The reason the fans got this and the refs didn’t is because we are watching TV and the refs are on the field.

    The answer is simple, have a second ref crew watch it from the camera room. A redundancy crew. They can step in when something is missed and can sho the reviews.

  37. Sean Payton deserves to loose this way , hahahahahahah. But I feel bad for Drew Brees

  38. Simple just review if there should be a penalty if it was obvious or if there is strong evidence.

  39. Might have been a blown call but i dont see how he was going to catch the ball anyway unless it went through the defenders back.

  40. That Freakin Twerp Dan Orlovsky needs to get his boney little chicken legs out there on the field with the officials and see if he can keep up with the them. I’ve seen some of the officials run step for step with wide receivers and look like they could have smoked them. That DA twerp doesn’t realize that some of the official are track stars and ex-football player etc. That’s why I hate to see anything but ex-football player on these broadcast, they fricken make me sick.

  41. Too fucking bad! Go look up the shit pass interferance call that fucked the Vikings out of the 2009 Superbowl. The Saints were gonna lose anyway. Fuck the loser Saints, Im glad they blew the call.

  42. “We can’t be asking officials who are 50, 60, 70 years old to be making these bang bang calls…” uh, yea we can. If we can’t, than why even have them? Why haven’t we replaced old dudes that can’t see with technology that can see?

  43. Seems like boxing in which about 30% of fights are fixed. Ali won about 5 fights he clearly lost: quick count against Foreman, 2 or 3 Norton fights Ali lost, Shavers clearly beat Ali, and on and on. Sports are stupid, irrelevant, violent, and harmful (stimulates aggression) so hopefully less dumb Americans will watch the blood, or concussion, sports.

  44. SaintsSscored a field goal and still coudeve won despite the no call…….

  45. So they are going review a non call?? That’s not going to work

  46. Like Aaron Rodgers said after his teammate’s fumble – “The call didn’t lose us the game but it cost us a chance to win.”

  47. Not just this one… how about the stupid roughing the passer on KC, that too should have been reviewed. And can we eliminate the sudden death overtime in the No-Fun-League? At least college football has it right. The League better get with the time. Imagine if in the NBA if in OT, the next shot won? Ugh!!!

  48. Does it matter? Sports are entertainment business in this country.

  49. But no one mention Brees interception in OT. He was given the win when they got the coin. But gave it to the other team.

  50. So we get to see Brady’s career come full circle and play the Rams in the Super Bowl again?

    I can believe the NFL at least guided that outcome even if it couldn’t outright fix it.

    I won’t be watching the Super Bowl this year. Something about it just feels wrong.

  51. After that NO call the NFL can kiss my ass! Saints out of the Superbowl because of the Refs? No no no no fk that kiss my ass im done wash my hands no more money from me!

  52. We need these old men of experience. Although I would make the referees retire at 70 years of age. We don’t need young referees who may be swayed by ideologies of the time. But be aware that these are men, capable of making mistakes. I am surprise that there was no challenge from the Coach of the Saints, Sean Payton !?!?

  53. LeBron moves to LA… Golden State has 5 all stars and still winning.. Clippers are a good team. Rams go to the super bowl.. Rams?? Superbowl?? Since when?

    Open your eyes ppl… Its about MONEY, TICKET SALES, REVENUE. California brings in A LOT of bucks. This shit is rigged..

  54. Dan Orlovosky is the fool with horrible judgement and a brain of a rock.

  55. Let’s not ignore the fact Michael Thomas was locked up

  56. The 1st things to go when you get old is your memory, your sex drive and…. I can’t remember the other one.

  57. Early in the season I didn’t even know much about their rosters but I told my friends “at least one of the ‘LA teams’ will be picked into the Super Bowl, rams if one”… It’s all about money. You can also sense it from the media…

  58. One call doesn’t make or break a game, there is 60mins of football. But this does suck. I hate the saints but there was bad calls on both side of the ball. Still sucks for the saints. Every play after the 2min mark should be under automatic booth review. Wait, I thought it already was?

  59. WHO IS THAT IDIOT ON LEFT in the sneakers? The age of the refs has NOTHING 2 do with their ability.
    If they’re on the field their ABLE regardless of age – God damn these know it all young whipper snappers!

    • Yes it does, older people generally have worse eyesight. And the refs definitely aren’t capable anymore this entire season was a shit show because of bad officiating.

    • droidakus GENERALLY they do – but they’re not fielding OLDER REFS with bad eyesight the same way they don’t let OLDER NEARSIGHTED PILOTS FLY or SURGEONS operate. If they’re on the field they got the goods just like the players do.

  60. They need a head judge upstairs reviewing plays in direct contact with the head ref on the field who has the power to make a call before the next snap.

  61. Y’all saints fans didn’t say nothing about the ridiculous calls on the Steelers when the refs beat them that game.

  62. Payback for the bounties.

  63. There were a lot of missed calls on both sides.

  64. When are you freaking dumbass Americans going to figure out that your sports are rigged

  65. Maybe after every play there is a 5-min break so everything can be reviewed by a group of 100 officials who vote on any calls with the majority winning. At the end of the game, the official reviewer with the highest correct votes wins a trophy and a bonus check for $1-million dollars.

  66. Don’t need anyone to tell me about incompetent/biased nfl officiating…I can rattle off easily half dozen or more b.s. calls that cost my team championships and playoff wins—Raiders fan!!

  67. How bout when Payton set bounties on players & ended Kurt Warner career in a NFC championship? That piece of shit got what he deserved. Karma

  68. Yes it is a big deal. They are Not there to watch the game up close and personal they’re there to ref the game so they need to take some of that check they the ref get

  69. R-52 needs to be sacked over this. This was a Championship Game , No Excuse! They need to put a system in New York to override the officials on plays in game of consequences. The Saints were knocking their way into the Endzone when that two penalty wasn’t called. And clearly the ball was not tipped by anybody. Complete fail!

  70. Boo hoo hoo…….how many f’n bad call went in Saints favor through the years. That’s football, deal with it losers.

  71. Simple. If the refs can meet and pick up a flag why can’t refs meet and throw a flag?

    At that moment I thought the ref was gonna do the right thing and throw the flag but none had the heart. Smh

  72. Footbal fans are retards.

  73. I gotta question for y’all. Any giants fans on here today??

  74. lol WHO DAT….DAT the the team not going to the superbowl…Everyone was so tired of all you Saints bandwagon fans.

  75. Guess the refs need to retire at 45yrs old huh

  76. No amount of drama will undo what happened. I’m not hearing solutions only complaints!

  77. Age bigotry rears its ugly head again. 🙁

  78. This was not a missed call it was Intentional how can numerous refs miss this call only a few feet away and it NOT be intentional. The nfl wanted the Rams to win because of their new stadium and larger market. Either that or something else was going on. Whichever the NFL owes the public a detailed explanation of exactly what happened and why. There are beginning to be to many games like both the ones yesterday for there to be so many missed or bad calls. Either the nfl hires mostly idiots or the league and therefore the fans are being manipulated. Controversy can at times be healthy but the nfl is starting to get carried away with things. I don’t see how guys taking a knee is disrespecting the flag or country if anything swallowing your beliefs and going along to get along is disrespecting the flag and country. C’mon nfl get it together or you may well become the National Forgotten League. And I just want to add I don’t think the Rams coaches/players had anything to do with the call if anything they’re as much the victim as anyone it’ll always follow them around “You know you shouldn’t have been in the Super Bowl in the first place”.The people will be watching closely NFL.

  79. Fuck rex ryan for ruining a good bills receiving corp

  80. Too many regulations. Should be more like soccer. Two 45 minute halves. Just play and if someone gets hurt, replace them. Penalty minutes get tacked on at end of game. Stupid sport anyway. Bunch of dancing around and celebrating. Play without helmets and pads, you bunch of overpaid pussies!

  81. FINALLY someone has the BALLS to bring up age as a drastic factor in why referees simply cannot be competent at their paid positions. How is this that difficult to understand? The vast majority of these guys have to wear glasses to read books! Enough is enough. From refs, to politicians, I think it’s fair to say it’s time for t he next generation to take some of these positions. In fact, it’s only fair. The real shame is, for the first time in HUMAN HISTORY, the average income and lifespan is DECREASING, and it’s for this very reason— the prior generation refuses to retire and step down from the roles that they simply are no longer qualified for due to the undoubted mitigating factors of old age. Past generations have understood this blatant fact of life, and societal cycles require them to recognize such in order for society to continue being successful. Unfortunately, these Baby Boomers are the absolute WORST. Yes, Millennials may pout and whine, but, guess what? IT’S JUSTIFIED. The prior generation has put Millennials in the worst spot for success since the BEGINNING OF TIME. Keep paying blind dinosaurs 200k to badly ref games though. Ya’ll old folk are absolutely unbelievable.

  82. No Vaseline. That’s all it is. No Vaseline.

  83. Fixed or not. That saints game turned out exactly how it should have. Sean Payton should have never been allowed back in the league after bounty gate in 2009. As far as I’m concerned, if you keep someone who pays people bonuses for injuring key players, you deserve to lose in spectacular fashion every year you keep him.

  84. Yeah how’s that Tuck rule going too refs? smh.


  86. I guess everyone missed it when Dan said “erection areas” at 0:57 mark. I know the others didn’t lol

  87. Read “The Fix Is In” it might help you understand that “sports” are “entertainment”. And they are under “control” as it were. All it takes is one action or lack of, and a different end to the obvious occurs.

  88. KARMA is a sweet-a** bitch! The Saints benefited mightily from bad calls in the 2009 NFC Championship Game against the Vikings. 9 seasons later, the Saints are treated in-kind by the football gods. I don’t feel sorry for them one bit. Too bad New Orleans!

  89. Those refs are old and they need big money for retirement so they gotta do wat they gotta do ….Stupid sell-out cheap skate REFS

  90. Need to be able to challenge non calls

  91. Even if it wasnt PI, its inexcusable (dont pull the “Theyre human” bullshit) that the refs didnt call the helmet to helmet hit when the NFL spent the offseason trying to reduce those plays by punishing or ejecting players guilty of it

  92. Payback for 09, lol. Cheaters don’t deserve to win.

  93. Do the right thing, commissioner.

  94. Yeah keep bringing more replays, which will prolong an already long game

  95. The NFL is fixed..Everybody and they momma seen the penally they wanna talk about it now Fuck that y’all should have stopped the game n checked that shit Fake ass Shit

  96. Too many rules are the problem. What’s a catch anymore? The 5 yard defensive holding and an automatic first down is also bullshit. 4th and 35 and some one on the other side of the field gets held and you end up keeping the drive alive. It should only be an automatic 1st down if you were the intended receiver, if not then just 5 yards and no automatic first down. Too many rules. The game from a rules perspective needs to be simplified.

  97. Theres where no calls on both sides, saints got it worse lol