Best of Club Dub: 2018 Locker Room Celebrations

Chicago Bears

Best of Club Dub: 2018 Locker Room Celebrations


  1. First

  2. Bear down

  3. Bear down for life

  4. We should be playing tm

  5. I hope they bring club dub back next season

    • Yoshibro 456 – they will because Nagy doesn’t take wins for granted

    • Yoshibro 456 I was Ju wounding that

  6. All those celebrations for nothing…. Do that when you win a super Bowl….. Silly goof….

    • +Cam274Man !You win and you move on…..yes you can be proud of winning but…celebrating this type of magnitude is pointless….

    • Joe Anderson they are having fun remember we haven’t been relevant for like 8 years

    • +Joe Anderson . A Bear Fan would not say that. Our team is young. They did well except Cody. Give it time. We have not won a Superbowl since 85. What’s another year?

    • +Yolanda Just Me yes they are young and they have lots to improve….this a team game….. Never point your finger to one player…..this is not tennis….cody did missed field goals this season but relying on one player to get you the win that tells you the team did not do Enough to avoid those type of situation…..

    • +Cam274Man ! Im well aware of it…… But this is not an excuse….

    • +Cam274Man ! And won’t be next yr and 8 more yrs trash bag

    • Yeah Buddy I think you zero subscribers will think that’s funny oh wait…

    • +Yeah Buddy 54 years of trash for your team lol your team lost to the bills lol

    • +Katie Caddle Brock Osweller lol

    • +Ece Gamez dummy page dummy lol

    • Yeah Buddy I can already tell you are under 10 don’t lie about your age on yt

  7. Bears Down fo life

  8. I think I was first


  10. Club dub 2 coming out next season

  11. Heads high up Chicago

  12. Fun fact we never lost in November

  13. I still can’t believe the Bears season is over. I really thought we were going to get a Bears vs Saints a rematch of the 2006 NFC Championship Game this year

    • Austin Strelinski we would’ve destroyed them again if we did

    • I KNOW. But hey, the offense should be better next year and although we may lose some defensive players, it should practically be the same team. Next year might be our year. Patience is all we need now.

    • we wouldnt play the saints, we would have played the rams then saints

  14. This was so cool all season long

  15. Just wait till they win the Superbowl next year

  16. We’ll be back

  17. I hate how people say that the bears celebrate to much, you really want your team to be boring


  19. Till next year

  20. There was only 5 times this season that a game ended with no club dub.

  21. If you trade for Antonio brown we’ll be club dubbing our way to the championship

  22. This has got to be the longest off season EVER! I’m just happy Nagy’s our coach. He’s hungry and you can see it in his eyes in the press conference. He already started working for next season. Can’t wait to see what he has cooking up!

  23. I’m so glad that kick happened!!!! We are relieved from seeing this circus show..

  24. i love it

  25. Damn that really reminded me that we should be doing this tommrow night

  26. Damn I love this team!

  27. Next year DA Bears Super Bowl

  28. Lol Swag Surfin’ is the Bears theme song

  29. Who else thought roquan smith had a a pick 6

  30. It seems like they really love each other

  31. Keep on line the fact we could’ve gone 16-0. The whole team let us, the fans, down.

  32. What? ^ … No they didn’t goofy

  33. We deserve to keep playing

  34. One of the best parts of the season hands down

  35. Can’t wait