NFL 2018 Tampa 2 DID A LIVE STREAM! And break down of Brent Grimes comments

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFL 2018 Tampa 2 DID A LIVE STREAM! And break down of Brent Grimes comments

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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  1. Fuck him & his annoying ass wife!

  2. I blame the bucs for making a 35 year old the number 1 corner

    • they tried to make him a no1. His skills fell off so he is really a low no2. But I guess they wanted him to groom Hargreaves.

    • I think Davis is good enough to be the number 1 next season

    • He wasnt so bad on a team who didn’t put him up against number one wideouts too often. He isn’t really wrong. He isnt that good, and that’s his way of saying it without losing face.

      Trouble is, he’s a corner, …he doesn’t get a choice of whom he covers! Ever.

      With that being said, as a Corner, you SHOULD be ready to take on ANY wideout, every game, no excuses.

      You can call a coach out for calling a soft overly-safe defense, but you can’t whine about actually being USED. Sweet jesus!

    • +Dangit don hahaha. You did state some facts here brother

    • +Tampa 2 Bucs ty man, I try. Nothing but the truth, love or hate.

      I wonder what my HS coach would’ve thought about, “you used me too often. My vibe!” Lol!

  3. Mr and Mrs Grimes are awesome ppl. Gonna check out that live stream now on bucco’s locker

    • Thanks brother.

  4. That makes sense Brent Grimes did not want to tackle this season that’s probably why LOL I’ll be the same way if someone tries to s#!+ me. Because Brent tough-as-nails makes sense now

    • Yeah I wouldnt throw my body in there either if I know we not going no where and I’m retiring lol. Plus they not paying you enough (in his opinion)…yea, I’ll get in the way but I’m not taking the risk.

    • Tampa 2 Bucs that’s right bro you and Isaiah the best Buccaneer channels in the world. Your very well spoken bro keeping it real.

      Do you think Jameis Winston is the best QB in the NFL or the best young QB.

      And if Jason light is on the hot seat and he gets fired next season if if if if if he gets fired new GM will bring his new coach ? Like you said in Isaiah video they don’t Jameis Winston to be the face of the NFL.

      It’s no way the NFL cannot see Jameis Winston has the best talent of any young QB ever the Buccaneers is the worst organization in football ranked neck and neck with the Cleveland Browns and every bad stats….

  5. Should have gotten Derwin James!!! 1st Team All Pro…..

    • Facts

    • That’s gonna haunt us for years to come bro

    • Always wanted Derwin. Good to see Vita finally makin some moves but Derwin would have got us to next level…

  6. My NINJA…I enjoyed the collab Grt content……I wanna see you do a collab with BUcs what Ya heard…and I hoping you and Bucos Locker will do a Live Stream for the Draft…dat would be dope.

    • We already talked about that and that’s the plan. I’ll do a live stream with any Bucs commentator as long as I can talk how I wanna talk. No holds barred lol. All he has to do is let me know and I’ll be there.

  7. U right my brother

    • No he isn’t Brent is the highest paid corner we have he has the 1 receiver duty every one else was rookies

    • +cam Mitch it doesn’t matter if he is the best corner on our team if the coaches tricked him into thinking he wouldn’t have to Shadow no1 WRs. Had they told him that he wouldn’t have resigned. That’s on the Bucs

    • +Tampa 2 Bucs so he was just scared then.

    • +Tampa 2 Bucs shout out to you much respect.

    • +Tampa 2 Bucs obviously Brent was scared to guard anyone he still little as fuc to little and old for 13 million he would have played the same way .

    • +cam Mitch haha I would say yea he was definitely scared haha

  8. See I understand why he was mad but he could have requested a trade or if he didnt like the contract he could of have found free agency if that would kill is vibe for the whole season that means he didn’t play with heart this whole season which really pissed me off. Not to mention he never played like he did against the falcons so if he was bothered that bad he could of possibly got traded. Anyway I don’t like him anyway and he can get off the team shouts out to Tampa 2 for these awesome videos

    • Thanks man! Yeah I think he did ask for a trade but no matter where he went he would’ve has to guard number 1s. It was bad on the Bucs for bringing him back. That was the issue. They had no faith in out secondary room.

  9. Good video man. If you go back and listen to her old podcast and a breakfast club interviews both basically said they were chasing money. Brent was like were can you go work and make 7 million in 6 months etc. I always thought he was a solid corner but not a shutdown corner. If you had a pass rush like Miami had those 3 years he was there I can say is a number 1 corner. To me he like to play off the receiver but had good closing speed and jumping ability.

    • That’s exactly why he was dangerous…his closing speed. And I think the coaches thought our pass rush was gonna be better by bringing in those Eagles dlinemen and JPP. And the pass rush did get better but only due to JPP. He has not help until Nassib came along.

    • +Tampa 2 Bucs agreed but I would like to see Vernon Hargraves play in a new scheme that allows him to play more press coverage. All the corners on the roster are press corners with no speed. I say at pick 5 get Greedy Williams or The top rated offensive lineman. Yo wanna get on the live stream and talk bucs next time with you and buccos locker. Probably will change name back Big_BucsGA.

  10. Me being a ex college football player that’s so true. I understand that completely. Also. The live stream with Bucos Locker was live. I enjoyed it. Looking toward future live streams. Keep bringing the real.

    • You know it bro! That’s the only way I can do this. Glad you enjoyed the convo. If you got anything you want us to talk about next time, just let me know.

  11. They should have put Miko on the #1 receiver! She knock balls down with her voice!

  12. Got to let me make you an intro beat my G

    • No doubt bro. I had somebody else offer to do that but as well but never heard from him after that. You know I change it up every season..just let me know when you got something dope. Make sure it’s pirate-themed since we are the Bucs. Definitely appreciate it.

  13. When you live stream, with the other team’s fan, y’all should do before and after videos. I think it’ll be entertaining.

    • Depends on if they want to do it. I’m down to do before and after. We shall see what the future holds

  14. Great video. Interesting how the average fan is clueless about the business aspect of the game. I wonder who advocates for the player in situations like this? BTW, I had a great time at the Trash Bowl against the Atlanta Fancy Chickens. Tampa was good to me. I’ll be back for more.

  15. Finally a video. Welcome back bro. I can’t believe grimes. He just took our money and ran with it. Do one with mrbucsnation.

  16. Hey I like how you talking

    • Appreciate that. More vids coming. Stay tuned

    • +Tampa 2 Bucs I want to talk to you in reality

  17. Bro you are wrong no way he is the highest paid corner we have and he can’t guard the number 1 receiver and leaving it up to rookies to do it Brent take yo little bitch ass on to retirement and d jax a bitch to and mike Evans better not ever drool over another man the he did d jax

  18. Man there are times I can’t stand Buccos Locker, bias as fuck

  19. Nice find Tampa 2, good to see someone find the full story before commenting.

    • Some of the news outlets and commentators rush to make comments and vids .I don’t usually do that. Gotta gather as much info as you can before you speak on it. Stay tuned..plenty more content coming.

  20. Subbing 4two years str8 …

    • Really? Bro, my old vids are terrible lol but I leave them up to show the growth. Definitely appreciate that.

  21. I feel like he cost us some game frfr u think about those game that he was playing hard ..but I get it wat he mean tho but shit there at least three game that he could made a game change tho playoff with those wins

    • I wouldn’t say he cost us games, but I do agree he couldve turned some games in our favor. But we will get a big name corner to replace him and this guy won’t be 35 lol

  22. I comprehend what you are saying Tampa 2 but he’s a NFL professional making millions. Like JPP said in his interview, you either want to win or you don’t. It makes no sense either way he should have asked to be traded not just waste a whole year knowing we were hurting with rookie corners.

    • I agree. But I think the Bucs reason for bringing him back was too coach up the rookies. But Grimes never really cared about the Bucs..he cared about getting paid. He knew we would overpay him. So he got us…but it’s all good. He’s done..forever lol.

    • +Tampa 2 Bucs couldn’t say it any better! You hit the nail on the head bruh lol

  23. Fk all Dem ex-Falcon players and coaches. Time to give all of them the boot

  24. No excuses. You out there to play. Furthermore to win. He jus lost a few steps and couldn’t perform. This is and excuse. Either way he looks bad.

    • I can respect that. He just shouldn’t have returned if he wasn’t ready to give 100% no matter what.

  25. Greedy Williams!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah I like Greedy. I’m working on that vid now. Gotta see who all declares for the draft

  26. I think Jason learned a lesson from that. He won’t signed about old CB I assure you. Glad you caught the stream. More coming.