Jason Whitlock believes Mike Tomlin is part of the Steelers’ problems | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Pittsburgh Steelers

Jason Whitlock believes Mike Tomlin is part of the Steelers’ problems | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF


  1. Mike Tomlin or Big Ben — Who deserves more blame for Steelers’ struggles?

    • Mike Tomlin.

    • Speak For Yourself the defense……..how is that not being addressed. They scored 28 even with all those setbacks.

    • Neither. . . . .

    • Uh, Big Ben will throw for around 5,100 yards and 35 touchdowns this season, both career highs. You watching the same games as the rest of us? #WhitlockRocks

    • Big Ben non accountable people are problems in a community to have that as a QB is an unstable fire work. When it’s good nice pretty colors with a good show. When it is bad it’s dud that would cause a fire in ur garbage can. Tomlin still gets 30% of blame of not taking every game seriously.

    • Tomlin is a defensive coach but can’t fix their pitiful defensive with their DC. Big Ben has his moments of greatness in some games but becomes inconsistent during the wrong times .

    • Fire the defensive coordinator !

  2. Chill Whitlock you know the black community is about to blast you because you’re not supporting a black coach.

    • Jacinto Garza you are a fool

    • Whitlock has my respect.

    • Let’s not use racism in this case. If this is a white coach it’s the same conversation. It’s a championship team that will miss the playoffs. Why? Why? Did you hear him say this is the most talented team to miss the playoffs.

    • Jacinto Garza always some wanna be white Latino always talking slick about black people

    • He need to blast the Cincinnati coach he trash . I hope black people would agree if we want to treat everyone fair right he not getting it done ? If I was an NFL owner I wa ant to win so if you can do that I dont give a dam what color you are you could be a black Mexican midget with down syndrome if you can coach you can coach.

    • Jacinto Garza non black people love attempting to speak for black people

    • @jacinto garza sthu. a non black person always has something to a black person.

  3. Another stupid call by Tomlin. Nothing new here. Another reason why some people want him fired. Winning a Super Bowl 10 seasons ago is not a reason to keep him. I mean look what the Packers did. McCarthy also won a Super Bowl and that was 8 seasons ago and they fired him.

    • MCCARTHY HAS A MUCH BETTER qb and loses more games u silly witted baffoon.

  4. They need to do what Green Bay did and just move on. Neither are particularly bad coaches but they’ve been coaching their teams for too long

    • hmmm you need more than that as a reason to fire a coach with Tomlin’s resume.

    • Vic Wilson how McCarthy has a similar one and was fired just as easy though

  5. Why are u guys not uploading your full podcast every day ?
    We in need of it cmon guys

  6. So you have 3 former NFL players saying one thing. And you Whitlock, who is NOT a former player retort that… yea ok

  7. Tomlins had one of the best rosters for many years and should have won much more than he has. His team always play down to opponents and are always full of drama and controversy, not to go along with being undisciplined. Not a bad coach but sometimes a coach’s voice can get old in a lockertoom

    • markdubbb Well said. Yes Coach T has never had a losing season, but he’s no longer connnecting to his players. He has gone “Hollywood,” meaning he’s just to cool with his players. It’s time for him to go! Go Steelers!

  8. Tomlin deserves to be fired if a team that talented can’t even make the playoffs.

    • talented ??? the team has no defense

    • Vic Wilson Yeah the have no defense but the have a real explosive offense

  9. Tomlin will not get fired. Pump the brakes. Now, I know some folks out there are rooting for Mike McCarthy to get the job, but it ain’t gonna happen. Ben is just as big a blame as Tomlin if not more to blame.

  10. Rule #1 Blacks will never talk bad about another black. But they dont ever have a problem trashing a white. Its the brotherhood so you cannot put any weight on any of theyre oppinions. 100 pct Troof

    • Ron Rezen lol black folks talk bad about anybody wtf you talking about

    • Why does some idiot always have to bring race into a non-racial issue?

    • Honest Abe We can sense the white hate by the blacks but honestly I dont care as a white. Blacks have always been hateful to us .If you dare disagree they threaten violence. There will never be harmony its all phony. We dont group up like yall.

  11. Imagine if Tomlin went to Cleveland!

  12. Tomlin to the Packers!!!

  13. Not a problem, but maybe a time for a new voice. Kinda like Casey in Toronto.

    • no

  14. All the black guys defend Tomlin. He is the PROBLEM! Has no control of this team. His game management is awful. How do people keep defending this bum. Team are underachievers. Lack discipline and consistancy. Get a coach who brings discipline and knowledge. Whitlock and Colin Coherd are only a few the media members with the balls enough to call out Tomlin.

    • What do all the white guys say about Tomlin??

    • +Clevelandsux Hmm interesting, if it weren’t for those darn black fellas, Tomlin would be out of a job lol. What do all the white guys think of Trump?

    • check the stats ??? he is the 2nd best in the league

    • Bryan WithaY the intelligent ones think Trump is awful.

    • Vic Wilson 8-6-1 and on the outside looking in at the playoffs most likely. Terrible winning percentage vs bad teams. 0 for his last 10 on his last 10 challenges. Terrible clock management and undisciplined team. Terrible game management.

    • +Clevelandsux Again………none of your arguments are sufficient for firing.
      the guy still has yet to have a losing record………….ever.

    • Vic Wilson better coaches have been fired. In the NFL it’s what have you done lately? Tomlin cost us that game and most likely our season. Will he be fired? You’re probably right, most likely he won’t be. Team is stacked with talent and the team continuously underachieves. He won a sB but that was 10 years ago. Defense is garbage. Has been last 5 or 6 years. He was a defensive coach. I think Tomlin is overrated. He’s had the luxury of having a franchise qb and working for a good organization.

    • +Clevelandsux You are wrong. He is propertly rated…not overrated. his record speaks for itself. He does not control personnel. The team’s best running back went down and Bell was out. The defense has no real difference makers except for Watt. I agree that Tomlin cost them at least 2 games this year with bad calls…………..but for that he shouldn’t be fired considering his overall body of work.

    • Vic Wilson you’re like all the other media sheep that defends this guy. You’re entitled to your opinion just like I am entitled to mine. I don’t accept underachievers.

  15. Steelers can’t really get it done unless they have the refs helping them

  16. The funny thing is he’s holding onto his 2008 SB victory. If Brady wouldn’t have been injured that season would Tomlin and the Steelers have won that ring? I think not. Since then they’ve underachieved given the talent that they have.

    • Severely underachieving. They also should have stayed with building a dominant defense. Steeler Defense is swiss cheese at this point.

  17. Some has to take the blame to wake up the other players …it happens everyone needs a change

  18. Does Tomlin deserve to be fired? Probably. Is the front office going to do it? Not a chance in Hades.

    • he doesnt deserve to be fired

    • Affirmative action hire.

    • +Dutch Courage affirmative action benefits white women more than any other group. Plus Tomlin has the 2nd highest winning percentage of active coaches. So go play the race card with ur hooded friends, go light up a cross.

    • +Dutch Courage play the race card much?

  19. The bucs need him

  20. Me: “Should Steelers fire Tomlin”
    LeBron: “You’re a racist piece of sh*t!!”

  21. He is a D Coach and our D Cannot CLOSE out Games. Ben is not the problem thats for sure. He has had BEN so all these WINNING Season LIke with Bill B having Brady you have to wonder. Our D is NOT Doing what they need to

    • Do you consider an offense that scores 25 each game a top offense? If we scored 25 points each game we would be in the playoffs. You clearly have not been watching Big Ben has 15 ints and many in the red zone.

  22. BEN Is LEADING THE NFL In Yards and is 4th in TDs and you are trying to blame the OC LOLOL

    • And how many pics in the red zone ? You dumb

  23. Do these guys even watch these games? It’s Tomlin, without a doubt. First game of the season, a tie? Against the Browns? This team is repeatedly shown itself to be not ready come kickoff time, nor do they play hard for 60 minutes. Tomlin has made more poor decisions at key moments in the game, not to mention an atrocious record on challenges. Throw in poor clock management. This team repeatedly plays down to the competition. Ben’s not perfect by any means and yes, there’s issues with the offensive coordinator and unbalance between run/pass, but let’s be honest: this isn’t about Bell when others have been able to step in and roll downhill with 100+ yards. But guess what? Who’s responsible for managing the offensive coordinator? Who’s responsible for the defensive coordinator? Tomlin’s biggest drawback is that he continues to be a “player’s coach.” As the years go on, there’s fewer and fewer common denominators with all that’s wrong and pretty soon, Tomlin is going to be left standing alone. Then you guys can really debate how good of a coach he is.

  24. Tomlins been an issue. This is nothing new. All this talent and he can’t win? His defense crumbled how much over the years? Tomlin isn’t a bad coach but may be a change of pace

    • Would you consider an offense that scores at least 25 points each game a powerful offense ? Probably not, but if the offense did that this season we make the playoffs. But it’s the defense that fails the team.

    • chin pan big moments big games since the super bowl the offense has had success and the defense has been a shell. Tomlin should go.

  25. Not a losing record!?!? Uh well he 2 back 2 bank 8-8, and 9-7 in there. Those aren’t necessarily categorize as losing but when you’re talking about franchise like the Pittsburgh Steelers those are losing seasons just based on the standards and expectations.

    • But it’s actually not tho

  26. It’s an absolute shame we may miss the playoffs but Whitlock is right by saying the level of intensity on this team is not the best. We play each team at the same level the my are on and not a higher level. He sits on the sideline no reaction most of the time. With. Championship team you have to think it’s the head coach. He’s a great players coach but dam this team is a championship team.

  27. They should stay together until Ben retires .

  28. Recency Bias Radio Bell getting last laugh while he’s bout to get paid next year

  29. Money should’ve went to get a good secondary

  30. The defensive backfield is atrocious the offense that gave them leads three or four times and they can’t hold it the Saints game that gave up a third-down in 20

  31. Maybe Jason Whitlock coach the team let’s see how the team would turn out then

  32. Can everyone be right?

  33. Got to two SBs, won one of them with Bill Cowhers roster and coaching staff.
    Ever since the loss to GB in the SB, they’ve only had 3 playoff wins.
    One of which was cause the Bengals handed them the victory cause of their own ineptitude. And another was against a 3rd string Dolphins QB.

    BTW can folks stop using the “Tomlin has had no losing season” justification.
    Last I checked the Steelers weren’t called the ‘City of Regular Season Wins’. Also considering the franchise QB and talent he inherited, I’d expect you to win more than 9 games a year. That’s the bare minimum.
    Cowher had to deal with junk QBs like Tommy Madexx, Neil O’Donnell, Bubbie Brister, and others before finally getting Big Ben.

  34. Can you imagine if Big Ben or Aaron Rogers had Belichick, Mcdaniels, and the best o-line coach in the history off the game Scarneckia?

    Definitely more rings than Brady.

  35. If he is fired i hope 10 seconds later he is hired by my broncos. Awesome coach who has done great with all those diva’s in locker room

  36. Pittsburgh’s had 3 coaches in 50 years. Tomlin’s not going anywhere.

  37. Pittsburghs problem is Ben Rothlesberger. I call him Eli Manning Jr. He throws away 3 to 5 games a year with his overconfidence. He throws interceptions at crucial times, and doesn’t take responsibility for his own stupid mistakes. Mike Tomlin has to constantly take the rap for Ben’s dumb mistakes at the end of the game. NOT FAIR! Ben is the problem and has been for years(at least 3 years).

    • So true…then he laughs about it.

    • Facts

    • i agree Ben does deserve blame.
      But Tomlin should be fired

  38. The team doesn’t play as a team. Not everyone has a legendary coach like Belichick. Also the media obsession and younger players’ involvement in social media, there’s the issue. Players and coaches are why teams lose. Both deserve blame.

  39. How much failure did Pittsburgh accept from coach scowl?
    so why run Tomlinson

    • Because Cowher never had a HOF quarterback. The Steelers under Tomlin are sooooo much more talented.

  40. When Colin left…we thought this show would tank!!! It’s actually better…

  41. Offensive teams don’t win you games consistently. Anytime the media talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers. They always say that the team has great players on the offensive side of the ball. It’s a team game and your team have to play good on both sides of the ball. Now what about the defense side. You cannot win games without playing defense and having great defensive players. Kansas City average 30 points a game more than any other team in the league. Including Pittsburgh. But their defense is horrendous and that’s why they lose games. The players have to communicate when they own the field and not let wide open receivers run up and down the field. I disagree with the fake punt. However, the offense fumble and they wasn’t able to keep a drive alive and that’s the reason why they had to punt In the first place. This just shows how important Bell is to the team cuz when Juju and brown was getting double team nobody else could Step Up there was multiple times that Ben had a receiver who he either overthrew the pass or the receiver didn’t catch the ball.

  42. My giants would take him

  43. Wiley brought his annoying ESPN SJW style to FS1. The guy was a bad hiring.

    • Play the race card much?

  44. just realized ED pencils in his eyebrows

  45. Number 1: while yes he has never had a losing season, he definitely has underachieved given the amount of talent he’s had. HOF QB, once in a generation running back, HOF reciever, and top offensive line . Pro bowlers on both sides of the ball
    Number 2: you can’t say leveon bell was a distraction because while all that turmoil was going on they was stacking wins… 7and 2. As soon as it was final that he wasnt coming back, that’s when things fell apart. It’s almost like they were striving to prove a point and as soon as it was final he wasn’t coming back, they lost the hunger.. While the defense has been the problem it has gotten better and is good enough to win. Tomlin has won based on talent alone.. He’s not what his record reflects.. All the bad coaching decisions, terrible challenges, bad clock management. It all points to tomlin.. I use to ride for the guy but it’s obvious at this point. Us steelers fans need a change.

    • Pro bowl doesn’t really matter… He still has a super bowl and big Ben isn’t a leader

  46. Tomlin has underachieved,big time ,Marcel not too bright. Regular season big deal,3-5 last 8 playoff games 1 conference championship game 10 years 11 years,since won Super Bowl Ben is having great ,year these former players reverse racists. He horrible decisions these clowns not too bright.

    • How exactly are they reverse racists?

  47. Tomlin needs to go, he has failed to fix the defense which has been an issue for a while now.

  48. Ben is having a great year ,this guys dont want to blame Tomlin,6 pro bowlers team doesnt make playoffs,coach stinks get a clue,Marcel never was toi bright,Ben doesnt need play action,5,000 yards passing lose 10 coaching challenges,on coach go ahead you can say it.

  49. Chuck Noll won most ,Marcel hit your head alot without helmet

  50. As a Steelers fan, it hurts me year in and year out to see how much talent we have and not even SNIFF a Super Bowl or AFC title game. Tomlin is part of the problem. But, so is Ben. Their relationship doesn’t help the team. Tbh, I love them both, but I’m ready to move on.

  51. Tomlin had back to back 8-8 and 9-7 hes lost 74 games he aint all that 1 conference championship in 10 years 11 years,since he won Super Bowl,Cowhers players,Was given a team Polamalu,Ward,Clark,Farrior,Smith,Ben,Miller Keisel he just got out of the way with that team.hes a clown. I repeat has had Future Hall of Fame Qb his whole career only been in 3 conference championships ,Cowher was in 6 Afc conf championships,only had Ben at end ,did it with Neil Odonnell,Kodell Stewart,Tomlin could not have dine that,can this clown please Mr Art Rooney the second

  52. Ben is nota poor leader you clowns over 40 comeback wins including this year,Ben 380 yards 3 touchdowns,yesterday been to 3 super bowls won 2 only player on this roster,with Super Bowl rings,Ben is not a poor leader you idiot, Mike Tomlin average to below average coach. JuJu is a great player taking alot of blame Tomlin needs to be a man,take blame fake punt that was horrible decision.

  53. Mike Tomlin cant fix only by leaving. He has to go.

  54. They were a fumble away from beating the best team in the NFL. Definetly not Tomlins fault.

  55. Marcel you are clueless about Steelers,James Harrison said Mike is not a good coach

    • James Harrison had an axe to grind.. He was mad his playing time was reduced in his 15th season

  56. Mike Tomlin’s biggest problem isn’t his coaching on the sidelines but more about his inability to have and exercise complete command and control of his players off the football field.

    Not anybody getting into any trouble with law enforcement but the internal issues between the Steelers training facility, the locker room that also resonates on the football field.

    The many distractions the Steelers continue to have (Le’Veon Bell’s hold out, disagreements with Big Ben, Antonio Brown crying about not getting the ball, players speaking out etc) that he doesn’t consider anything to worry about but if you don’t address the so called “small things” he’s doesn’t consider important at all, it will into playing on the football field and they’re play on the field.

    Tomlin who comes off as Mr. No Nonsense, doesn’t handle players issues, they’re too independent, too loose with their lips flapping in front of the media and Tomlin doesn’t have the authoritian control over his players he thinks he has……he wants every player to become and act like responsible men at all times……. there’s a lot of little spoiled brats and divas on the Steelers who get away with a lot and other players know it.

    That’s not good.

    If he gets fired despite his Super Bowl appearances (1 win), it will be for the small things he doesn’t consider as important enough to address that directly effects his players on the football field.

    • I think they’ll begin to trade players

  57. Tomlin went to 2 Super Bowls on the back of Bill Cower’s defense. Once those guys retired or left after 2010, Steelers have been failures.

  58. No Marcella’s. You have to get it right.
    Most of Mike Tomlin
    success as the head coach for the Steelers came in his earlier years when Bill Cowher players where still on the team.

    With Bill Cowher players..
    Mike Tomlin went to 2 Superbowls winning 1
    Mike Tomlin won 2 AFC Championship Titles
    Mike Tomlin won Division Titles
    Mike Tomlin won more playoffs ..

    Without Bill Cowher players
    Mike Tomlin can’t beat teams with a losing record.
    No Superbowl
    No AFC Title
    a few division Titles and fewer playoff wins.
    I give credit where credit is due, it was Bill Cowher players that put Mike Tomlin on the map.

  59. Steelers have had a generational offense with a mediocre defense. Been that way for the last 7 years. These teams usually light up the regular season but miss the important tackles and give up big plays in the postseason. Tomlin has made his mistakes but he takes a lot of heat for front office decisions. Steelers haven’t had a real defense since 2012.

  60. It drives me crazy when they start using regular season records to justify a head coach. The guy has gone to the playoffs 8 times and has an 8-7 record. With that team there’s no reason he should’ve lost to the Jags last year, or being embarrassed everytime they play the Pats. Dude, even Jason Garrett has taken the Cowboys to the playoffs and nobody’s going to confuse him for a competent head coach.

  61. I wouldn’t fire no one…Pitts. just need another running back.

  62. Was Le’veon bell a distraction when they were 7-2-1 and 3 games up on ravens with 6 to go

  63. If they’re dumb enough to fire him my giants better grab him

  64. In the Superbowl era a team is lucky if they have 2 hall of fame qbs in their team history. Ben is a future Hof’er and when he hangs up his pads Steelers fans are going to be cussing tomlin more because he’s wasting what little time he has left with Ben to win a Superbowl with losses to inferior teams all the time, drama filled locker rooms, terrible game management and inability to win challenges.

  65. Is it possible Tomlin gets too much credit for winning so many regular season games? Maybe he’s just not good and the team elevates him.
    Maybe with a semi-good coach they become a dynasty with all the talent they have.

  66. Wrong organization. Tomlin not going anywhere. The Rooney’s think long term.

  67. I have a two part question ! When have the Steelers ever had a losing season? And How could any coach lose with a team as talented as the Steelers were when Tomlin took over ?

  68. People act like Tomlin winning record is so great. He has THE MOST talented roster in the AFC North, and he has to play Cleveland and Cincy TWICE!.It isn’t hard to have a winning record when it’s only a 2 team race in the AFC North. Ravens just got rid of Flacco so that goes to show you how good he really was. He’s a mediocre coach that rode the coat tales of Big Ben. He’s no X and O’s guy and can easily be out coached by coaches with far less talent. He’s gotta go!

  69. yeah, sure man, sure.

  70. Will said Wiley an ED aka the goat whitlock has no clue about football or basketball , love ya Kapp

  71. I just heard most of the Steelers locker room was on their phones at half time against the Patriots.

  72. They didn’t lose Le’Veon, the team pushed him out

  73. People talk about all of this “talent” the Steelers have . Yet , who have been the STARS on defense (CONSISTENTLY ) ? The naysayers say that Tomlin is a “defensive – minded” coach but yet there are NO all pros on defense . Did Watt step it up this year — yes for a while.. We JUST traded for Haden this year ( who is a bit slower and out of his prime due to injuries) ..Other than that , WHO IS A STAR ? WHO IS THAT PERENNIAL ALL -PRO ? NO ONE ..The closest “star” on defense we secured in the draft was Shazier and he got hurt bad (unfortunately) .. Without the talent given to him on the defensive end , he has still compiled the best record next to Bill B, and folks still bitching ..The craziest thing is — When the Steelers LOSE — its Tomlin’s fault … But when the Steelers WIN , he gets none of the credit .. He has the winning-est percentage in franchise history ..

  74. The team won the coach that SB, not the other way around, he inherited that team

  75. Mike Tomlin deserves the blame. Color don’t matter. His arrogance lost that game. You don’t win consistently be gambling big all the time!!!! He always seems to have to take the great risk.

  76. big ben played almost a perfect game under the circumstances the coaching staff took the ball out of his hands until it was too late so the coaches do

  77. Tomlin should be fired because his defense is poorly coached!!!
    Tomlin was a defensive coordinator and this defense is poor at best.
    Tomlin can’t coach in big game situations.
    Fire Mike Tomlin!!!!
    He does not know how to coach fundamental football.
    He does not know how and when to get a challenge call right.
    He does not know how to coach a secondary or hire a person who does.
    He is the worst situational coach of game decisions I have ever seen.
    He can’t coach his way out a funhouse.
    Fire Tomlin

  78. Actually the Browns are on the rise.. and they will win sunday.
    The Browns are gonna be a playoff team real soon…watch

  79. +Perry Ellis i agree but im basically sayin look wat browns fans hav went through compared to Steelers fans an browns will lose on Sunday

  80. Steelers organization keep their coaches. This is a non topic.

  81. +Perry Ellis the ravens have the best D in the league an lamar Jackson playin style can keep baker off the field

  82. +Antonio bet it.. I like the Browns..

  83. Since when did Ben and Coach have a bad relationship?? GTFOH!

  84. Ben needs to go

  85. It’s time for the steelers to move on from Ben, we need a mobile qb, ben is on a rapid decline and I’m starting to see traces of jay Cutler in his demeanor in post game interviews

  86. Pittsburgh gots a lot of good players they should of had at least two more Super Bowl wins

  87. I’ve been saying it for the last 4 years Tomlin needs to fired.

  88. What about the Saints though? Even in a win, the narrative is always about the other team.

  89. You either get rid of the coach, or get rid of some personnel.

  90. Dan Quinn is a future Tomlin, a blowhard coach (albeit a good one) who requires strong coordinators who are not only are excellent at X/O’s and control each unit. Coach Blowhards are best at affecting mindset, culture, preparation, but not adjustments and clock management.