2019 Green Bay Packers 7 Round Mock Draft

Green Bay Packers

2019 Green Bay Packers 7 Round Mock Draft


  1. Decent mock draft. But about the cornerback situation. I think Breeland has been playing well and should b resigned. I also think that we should go after some somewhat-cheap CB depth in FA (somebody like Bryce Callahan from the Bears). Also, about Josh Jackson. Do u think they should move him to FS? It looks like his skill set works better at FS than CB in Mike Pettine’s system.

  2. Bro you look like my old English teacher who liked the packers. Best teacher I’ve had. Keep it up

    • Haha the guy that always finds an excuse to bring everything back to the Packers.

  3. Nice Glengarry Glennross reference, kind of. ABC Always Be Closing. In your case, ABB, always be blocking. Yeah, I’m a movie geek.

  4. if the packers take two OLinemen in the first round, i would mind at all tbh. our guards are ass, if bulaga can rebound next year then we can have the best Oline in the game and i just think since 2016, rodgers hasn’t had a good line

    • Agreed

    • Agree

  5. if the packers take two OLinemen in the first round, i wouldnt mind at all tbh. our guards are ass, if bulaga can rebound next year then we can have the best Oline in the game and i just think since 2016, rodgers hasn’t had a good line

  6. I got to be honest, idk how you do get your mock data but the only pick i liked from this mock draft was the kid out of washington. now i would honestly pick an Edge first and grab a safety at the end of the first round, with that out of the way we should be able to grab a pretty good OL in the third (my recommended would be David Edwards-Wisconsin), now if Fant is still available in the third we can grab him but if not than Wilson from UCLA or Sternberger from TA&M. your 4th through 7th rounds can be a mix between WR, OG, and RB, some suggestions would be John Ursua WR-Hawaii, Cam Akers RB-FSU, Jonah Williams OL-AL, or another DL Winovich from Michigan (if he’s still available in the 4th)

    • Wow…. First of all. Where in the world are you seeing any of these rankings. I’m using an aggregation of 25 different big boards from around the internet. I have no clue where you’re seeing this. The only time I’ve seen stuff like this is from fanspeak.

      But the lowest anyone has Fant is Walter at 48. His average is 19th.

      The lowest on Edwards I have is 80 otherwise Trevor Sikkema has him at 59. His average is 34th.

      Chase Winovich is 151 on drafttek but is as high as 18th and averages out at 55th.

      Also I had 0 safeties available at the end of the first and pre-determining my picks based on position isn’t how I do mocks. It’s also not how teams draft.

    • +Pack Daddy NFL it was really just how I would have picked, I don’t have a lot of time to check out where these guys will potentially get drafted. Also I don’t think a TE should be high on our list of needs in the draft.
      This is really just me trying to understand how you make your mock drafts.
      Have any of the mocks you predicted come true?

  7. I like the idea of a receiving back for Rodgers to help him with pocket pressure but to be honest I would want to wait for D’Andre Swift RB Georgia and maybe Jake Fromm QB as well but that’s just my opinion

    • it’d be good to get a QB and RB that playd together


  9. I would love a guard and a TE in the first.

    • So far no real guard talk in the first round. Dieter from Wisconsin is the highest on my board and he’s sitting late second.

      But obviously all this is going to change rapidly.

    • I hear ya, but it would be nice to have a punishing Oline. I think, they should really be concerned about Rodgers. They paid him to be out there. So protect him! We have weapons. We need some bruisers on D. I would be looking for strong tough dudes. Let’s build this team to kick some ass. I am sick of not drafting guys with rap sheets. Get the mean guys. Guys that will pump this team up. Look at the Cowgirls. They picked up the bad asses and it translated onto the field. I am not saying the entire D but a few positions. LB and Safety. Let’s change the way this team is viewed.

    • I hear ya man, I’ve been pounding that table for a while. I was big on right guard last year. Lane Taylor needs to be upgraded and now RT might be a huge problem.

    • Pack Daddy NFL when they got killed by Seattle in the NFC playoffs a few years back we needed to be upgraded. Our line was good, not sure why Ted didn’t through some money to them. Don’t mess with a line when it’s clicking. Upgrade behind it. We could have been a wonderful team if our Oline was left alone. Aaron would have never been hurt!

  10. Are you not concerned about Aaron Jones knee. He is done dog. Unfortunately, if he comes back the same I will be surprised. Perry has to go. Over paid, injury prone, does nothing.

    • Ya a little but I think its the same injury as last year.

      So I’m more concerned about him being injury prone than about him never being the same.

    • its a mild sprain to a knee, ur not an orthopedic doctor. a sprained knee is hardly something to go crazy about, a month of rehab and itll be fixed, ur acting like he was amputated

    • It doesn’t make a difference. As a runner once you knee gets punished enough it gives out. They are your shock absorbers dude. He is a very “Berry Sanders” like running back. I love him dude, he is explosive. I just hope his mentality is let’s repair this thing so I can go a season or two, or three. I hope packers really take a look at their strength and training. I live in Windsor. I go to Packer games when they come to Detroit. I tell you, our fans come harder than the Packer team does. Did you hear us in LA this year? Their was more of us than of them. Now if you could build a team to win on the road, home will be no problem. You need a new Leader. Because it’s not Aaron. A Leader never sits down when down. I see Aaron always sitting. And never goofing around with his linemen or receivers. When I played (long time ago ), we played better as a team when our QB was having fun!